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TDA1386 View Datasheet(PDF) - Philips Electronics

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TDA1386 Noise shaping filter DAC Philips
Philips Electronics Philips
TDA1386 Datasheet PDF : 24 Pages
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Philips Semiconductors
Noise shaping filter DAC
Product specification
In the microcontroller application mode (APPL = logic 1,
APP3 = logic 0) the audio output level is controlled by
volume control bits ATSB, MUSB, FS, INCR and DECR.
Mute is activated by sending the MUSB command to the
mode control register via the microcontroller interface. The
audio output level will be reduced to zero in a maximum
120 steps (depending on the current position of the fade
counter) and taking a maximum of 3 ms. Mute, attenuation
and full scale are synchronized to prevent operation in the
middle of a word.
The counter is preset to 120 by the full scale command.
The counter is preset to 30 by the attenuate command
when its value is more then 30. If the value of the
counter is less than 30 dB the ATSB command has no
The counter is preset to 0 by the mute command MUSB.
Attenuation (12 dB) is activated by sending the ATSB
command to the fade control register (D7).
Attenuation and mute are cancelled by sending the full
scale command to the fade control register (D3).
To control the fade counter in a continuous way, the
INCREMENT and DECREMENT commands are available
(fade control registers D1 and D2). They will increment and
decrement the counter by 1 for each register write
operation. When issuing more than 1 step-up or
step-down command in sequence, the write repeat mode
may be used (see microprocessor application mode). An
example of volume control in this application mode is
illustrated in Fig.6.
(1) INCR and DECR in repeat mode.
Fig.6 Volume control; microcontroller application mode.
1998 Jan 06
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