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TD350IDT Advanced IGBT/MOSFET driver ST-Microelectronics
STMicroelectronics ST-Microelectronics
TD350IDT Datasheet PDF : 17 Pages
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Functional description
Minimum ON time
In order to ensure the proper operation of the 2-level turn-off function, the input ON time
(Twin) must be greater than the Twinmin value:
Rdel is the internal discharge resistor and Coff is the external timing capacitor.
Input signals smaller than Ta are ignored. Input signals larger than Twinmin are transmitted to
the output stage after the Ta delay with minimum width distortion (ΔTw=Twout-Twin).
For an input signal width Twin between Ta and Twinmin, the output width Twout is reduced
below Twin (pulse distortion) and the IGBT could be partially turned on. These input signals
should be avoided during normal operation.
The output stage is able to sink 2.3 A and source 1.5 A typical at 25 °C (1.2 A/0.75 A
minimum over the full temperature range). Separated sink and source outputs allow
independent gate charge and discharge control without an extra external diode.
Fault status output
Fault output is used to signal a fault event (desaturation, UVLO) to a controller. The fault pin
is designed to drive an optocoupler.
Undervoltage protection
Undervoltage detection protects the application in the event of a low VH supply voltage
(during start-up or a fault situation). During undervoltage, the OUTH pin is open and the
OUTL pin is driven low (active pull-down for VH>2 V, passive pull-down for VH<2 V). Fault
output signals the undervoltage state and is reset only when undervoltage state disappears.
Figure 3. Undervoltage protection
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