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STA331-EVAL View Datasheet(PDF) - STMicroelectronics

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STA331-EVAL High efficiency class D codec with integrated audio processing ST-Microelectronics
STMicroelectronics ST-Microelectronics
STA331-EVAL Datasheet PDF : 4 Pages
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The STA331 device is a high-efficiency audio codec with an integrated ARM7TDMI® core
capable of running audio processing algorithms up to 75 MHz. The surrounding analog and
digital audio peripherals turn it in the ideal and flexible solution for mid-range sound-
processing applications, where final product differentiation is a must. The code runs off from
the embedded RAM, uploaded by an external serial flash and the whole set of audio
parameters and functionalities may be controlled via I2C or customizable GPIO interface
(for micro-less operation). Moreover, the widely adopted core allows for a fast porting of
third-parties audio effects, typically available on ARM® processors.
The high-efficiency Class-D codec embeds a stereo ADC, proprietary FFXTM PWM
modulator, and a powerful bridge in a single package, along with multi standard digital
connectivity and a 3-way selector on the input. Full muxing operations of multiple audio
sources are available. The PWM output may drive external power bridges, up to 2 x 100 W.
The software architecture is based on two main components, the Audio Socket Manager
(ASM) and the I/O Manager, turning the memory and processing capability of the
ARM7TMDI® core into a ready-to-use, yet fully customizable processing engine. The virtual
audio sockets allow a flexible selection of pre-compiled audio libraries and a transparent
uploading mechanism, on demand, from the external serial flash. A graphical AudioExplorer
GUI allows to browse and combine audio libraries out of the AudioEngine (AE) package, as
released by STMicroelectronics (see customization flow in Figure 1). Parameters tuning
along with other customizations (GPIO mapping, audio protocol and flow) result in a final
binary image ready to be downloaded into the final product.
The evaluation board, fully controllable by the GUI, allows for an immediate listening test of
the selected audio algorithms.
Third parties’ commercial algorithms are optionally available, through AE packages, in
evaluation mode (listening time typically limited to 3 min.). Porting of custom audio libraries
is possible as well, through Phoenix SDK (please contact STMicroelectronics for more
Figure 1. Customization flow
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