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SMB138EY Programmable Switch-mode, USB/AC Input Li+ Battery Charger with TurboCharge? Mode and USB ?On- the-Go? Power Summit-Microelectronics
Summit Microelectronics Summit-Microelectronics
SMB138EY Datasheet PDF : 2 Pages
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Programmable Switch-mode, USB/AC Input Li+ Battery Charger with TurboCharge™ Mode
and USB “On- the-Go” Power
USB or AC input with programmable input current limiting
Up to 1.25A continuous charging current from AC adapter
Up to 750mA charging current from 500mA USB port using
The SMB138 is a programmable single-cell lithium-ion/lithium-polymer
battery charger designed for a variety of portable applications. The
device provides a simple and efficient way to charge high-capacity Li-
Ion batteries via a USB or AC adapter input. Unlike conventional
automatic TurboCharge™ mode
devices, the SMB138’s high-efficiency, switch-mode operation
+4.35 to +6.2V input voltage range (+16V tolerant)
eliminates the thermal problems of conventional linear solutions. Also
Two product options:
o SMB138A: charger off until I2C command initiation,
enable/disable control via I2C
the buck converter architecture effectively multiplies the input current
to increase charge rate for the Li+ cell and uses current limited
supplies like USB more efficiently. The SMB138 also supports USB
o SMB138C: charger powers up in charging mode,
enable/disable control via I2C
On-the-Go devices by providing the required USB-OTG +5V power
supply using the Li-Ion battery as a source.
USB “On-the-Go” Power support for USB OTG enabled
devices (+5V reverse output @ 200mA)
Reverse current blocking (<5uA)
High-efficiency 3MHz voltage-mode step-down regulator
The SMB138 can switch between USB mode and AC Adapter mode
and works seamlessly in conjunction with a USB controller. Charge
control includes qualification, trickle-charge, pre-charge, constant
current/constant voltage, float voltage and termination/safety settings
Integrated frequency compensation
that are fully programmable via a serial I2C/SMBus and stored in non-
Internal power MOSFETs and precision current sensing
volatile memory making the device truly a flexible solution. Fast
CONFIDENTIAL High-accuracy float voltage regulation: 1%
Thermal regulation (current foldback)
Trickle charging
Pre-charge and complete-charge (36/240min) safety timers
charge current level can be set via I2C (limited in USB mode to ensure
100mA or 500mA input). Built-in is reverse-current blocking to prevent
inadvertent cell discharge. High frequency operation and integrated
power FETs contribute to reduced external component count and size.
Digital programming of all major parameters via I2C interface
The SMB138A device requires a user I2C command for charging
o Fast charge voltage threshold, float voltage
initiation, whereas the SMB138C device powers up in the charging
DO NOT COPY o Pre-charge, fast charge, termination current
Status register monitors and flags charger operation
o Charge in-progress/termination
o Charge timer fault
o OC/UV/OV detection/shutdown
uCSP-19 lead-free package (0.4mm ball pitch)
mode. The SMB138C offers the option to automatically charge the
battery only when the battery voltage is below a selectable “dead-
battery” threshold.
The SMB138 also offers several features that protect the battery pack
as well as the charger and input circuitry: over-current, under/over-
voltage and thermal protection. Ultra-accurate, 1% battery float
voltage control improves battery capacity utilization. The STAT output
2.5/3/3G+ GSM/CDMA/WCDMA Phones
Portable Media Players
is an interrupt to flag various status/flag events (programmable
selection) and the status register can be read via the serial port. The
SMB138 is available in an ultra-compact lead-free uCSP-19 package
and is rated over the –30C to +85C temperature range.
Portable GPS Terminals
Handheld System
USB-OTG Output
Total Output
To system
Figure 1 – Using the SMB138 to charge a single cell Li+ battery from USB or AC Adapter power sources
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