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DP83820BVUW-AB View Datasheet(PDF) - National ->Texas Instruments

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DP83820BVUW-AB 10/100/1000 Mb/s PCI Ethernet Network Interface Controller National-Semiconductor
National ->Texas Instruments National-Semiconductor
DP83820BVUW-AB Datasheet PDF : 87 Pages
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4.0 Register Set (Continued)
MRM_DIS Memory Read Multiple
This bit can be used to prevent the DP83820 from using the Memory Read
Multiple and Memory Read Line commands. This bit is loaded from
EEPROM at power-up. R/W
MWI_DIS Memory Write and Invalidate This bit can be used to prevent the DP83820 from using the MWI
command. This allows additional control for driver software which may not
have access to the MWIEN bit in Configuration space. This bit is loaded
from EEPROM at power-up. R/W
T64ADDR Target 64-bit Addressing
This read-only bit indicates the device will accept 64-bit addressing as a
target. This bit is loaded from EEPROM at power-up. RO
PCI64_DET PCI 64-bit Bus Detected
This status bit indicates the PCI bus was detected to be 64-bit at reset time.
DATA64_EN 64-bit Data Enable
Software can use this bit to enable 64-bit data transfers by the Transmit and
Receive DMA engines. If 0, all bus master transfers will be 32-bit. This bit is
loaded from EEPROM at power-up. This bit should be cleared by software if
the PCI bus was not detected as 64-bit capable (PCI_64_DET = 0). R/W
M64ADDR Master 64-bit Addressing
Software can set this bit to enable the DMA controllers to use 64-bit
addressing. When set, the link and bufptr fields in the Descriptors are
assumed to be 64-bit fields. This bit does not affect the device operation as
a target. This bit is loaded from EEPROM at power-up. R/W
PHY_RST Reset Phy
Asserts reset to phy using the PHYRST_N pin. R/W
PHY_DIS Disable Phy
Setting this bit can be used to disable an external phy by deasserting the
RXEN pin. This can be used to cause a phy to tri-state its RX MII/GMII pins.
EXTSTS_EN Extended Status Enable
When set, the Extended Status field is enabled for Transmit and Receive
Descriptors. This field contains data for supporting the VLAN and IP
Checksum processing features. R/W
REQALG PCI Bus Request Algorithm Selects mode for making requests for the PCI bus. When set to 0 (default),
DP83820 will use an aggressive Request scheme. When set to a 1
DP83820 will use a more conservative scheme. R/W
Single Back-off
Setting this bit to 1, forces the transmitter back-off state machine to always
back-off for a single 802.3 interframe gap time, instead of following the
802.3 random back-off algorithm. A 0 (default) allows normal transmitter
back-off operation. R/W
POW Program Out of Window
This bit controls when the Out of Window collision timer begins counting its
512 bit slot time. A 0 causes the timer to start after the SFD is received. A 1
causes the timer to start after the first bit of the preamble is received. R/W
Excessive Deferral Abort
Setting this bit to 1 will cause the transmitter to abort transmission on an
excessive deferral. R/W
PESEL Parity Error Detection Action This bit controls the assertion of SERR when a data parity error is detected
while the DP83820 is acting as the bus master. When set, parity errors will
not result in the assertion of SERR. When reset, parity errors will result in
the assertion of SERR, indicating a system error. This bit should be set to a
1 by software if the driver can handle recovery from and reporting of data
parity errors. R/W
BROM_DIS Disable Boot ROM interface When set to 1, this bit inhibits the operation of the Boot ROM interface logic.
EXT_125 External 125MHz reference When set to a 1, the 125MHz transmit clock for 1000 Mb/s mode is sourced
from the REF125 pin. When set to a 0, the clock is sourced by the internal
clock generator. This bit is loaded from EEPROM at power-up. R/W
Big Endian Mode
When set, DP83820 will perform bus-mastered data transfers in big
endianmode. Note that access to register space is unaffected by the
setting of this bit. R/W
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