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ADC0803MDC View Datasheet(PDF) - National ->Texas Instruments

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
ADC0803MDC 8-Bit P Compatible A/D Converters National-Semiconductor
National ->Texas Instruments National-Semiconductor
ADC0803MDC Datasheet PDF : 41 Pages
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Typical Applications (Continued)
Sampling an AC Input Signal
Note 11: Oversample whenever possible [keep fs > 2f(−60)] to eliminate input frequency folding (aliasing) and to allow for the skirt response of the filter.
Note 12: Consider the amplitude errors which are introduced within the passband of the filter.
70% Power Savings by Clock Gating
(Complete shutdown takes 30 seconds.)
Power Savings by A/D and VREF Shutdown
*Use ADC0801, 02, 03 or 05 for lowest power consumption.
Note: Logic inputs can be driven to VCC with A/D supply at zero volts.
Buffer prevents data bus from overdriving output of A/D when in shutdown mode.
Functional Description
A perfect A/D transfer characteristic (staircase waveform) is
shown in Figure 1. The horizontal scale is analog input volt-
age and the particular points labeled are in steps of 1 LSB
(19.53 mV with 2.5V tied to the VREF/2 pin). The digital out-
put codes that correspond to these inputs are shown as D−1,
D, and D+1. For the perfect A/D, not only will center-value
(A−1, A, A+1, . . . . ) analog inputs produce the correct out-
put digital codes, but also each riser (the transitions between
adjacent output codes) will be located ±12 LSB away from
each center-value. As shown, the risers are ideal and have
no width. Correct digital output codes will be provided for a
range of analog input voltages that extend ±12 LSB from the
ideal center-values. Each tread (the range of analog input
voltage that provides the same digital output code) is there-
fore 1 LSB wide.
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