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NE5230D View Datasheet(PDF) - ON Semiconductor

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NE5230D Low voltage operational amplifier ON-Semiconductor
ON Semiconductor ON-Semiconductor
NE5230D Datasheet PDF : 18 Pages
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NE5230, SA5230, SE5230
The full output power bandwidth range for VCC equals
2.0 V, is above 40 kHz for the maximum bias current setting
and greater than 10 kHz at the minimum bias current setting.
If extremely low signal distortion (<0.05%) is required at
low supply voltages, exclude the commonmode crossover
point (VB1) from the commonmode signal range. This can
be accomplished by proper bias selection or by using an
inverting amplifier configuration.
Most single supply designs necessitate that the inputs to
the op amp be biased between VCC and ground. This is to
assure that the input signal swing is within the working
commonmode range of the amplifier. This leads to another
helpful and unique property of the NE5230 that other CMOS
and bipolar low voltage parts cannot achieve. It is the simple
fact that the input commonmode voltage can go beyond
either the positive or negative supply voltages. This benefit
is made very clear in a noninverting voltagefollower
configuration. This is shown in Figure 5 where the input sine
wave allows an undistorted output sine wave which will
swing less than 100 mV of either supply voltage. Many
competitive parts will show severe clipping caused by input
commonmode limitations. The NE5230 in this
configuration offers more freedom for quiescent biasing of
the inputs close to the positive supply rail where similar op
amps would not allow signal processing.
There are not as many considerations when designing
with the NE5230 as with other devices. Since the NE5230
is internallycompensated and has a unity gainbandwidth
of 600 kHz, board layout is not so stringent as for very high
frequency devices such as the NE5205. The output
capability of the NE5230 allows it to drive relatively high
capacitive loads and small resistive loads. The power supply
pins should be decoupled with a lowpass RC network as
close to the supply pins as possible to eliminate 60 Hz and
other external power line noise, although the power supply
rejection ratio (PSRR) for the part is very high. The pinout
for the NE5230 is the same as the standard single op amp
pinout with the exception of the bias current adjusting pin.
Figure 5. In a noninverting voltagefollower configuration, the NE5230 will give full railtorail swing.
Other low voltage amplifiers will not because they are limited by their input commonmode
range and output swing capability.
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