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MTB10ZFM View Datasheet(PDF) - Unspecified

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MTB10ZFM MTA Series / Industry Standard Package ETC1
MTB10ZFM Datasheet PDF : 2 Pages
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MTA and MTB Series
Full-Size (7.3mm or 4.7mm height)
• Industry Standard Package
• 5.0 or 3.3 Volt
• HCMOS, Sinewave, Clipped Sine
• 1.000MHz to 1.000GHz
• Stability Down to ±1ppm
Electrical Specifications
H Option = HCMOS Output
S Option = Clipped Sine Output
Z Option = Sinewave Output
Operating Temperature Range
Storage Temperature Range
Supply Voltage (Vdd)
Internal Trim (Top of can)
Control Voltage
Pin 1 Connection
Frequency Stability
Frequency Range
Frequency Stability
Supply Current
Frequency Range
Frequency Stability
Supply Current
Sinewave Output
Frequency Stability
Supply Current
Vdd = 5V
Vdd = 3.3V
Vdd = 5V
Vdd = 3.3V
V Option
vs. Aging
vs. Voltage (with a 5% change)
vs. Load (with a 10% change)
@50% of waveform w/CMOS load
1.000MHz to 160.000MHz
Down to ±1ppm
10K Ohms // 15pF
35mA max
Logic”1” Level = 0.9Vdd min.
Logic”0” Level = 0.1Vdd max.
8.000MHz to 300.000MHz
Down to ±1ppm
10K Ohms // 15pF
3mA max.
1.0V p-p min.
8.000MHz to 1.000GHz
Down to ±1ppm
50 Ohms
5mA max.
7dBm min.
See Part Numbering Guide
-40°C to +85°C
5.0Vdc ±5%
3.3Vdc ±5%
±3ppm min.
2.5Vdc±2.0Vdc Positive Slope
1.65Vdc±1.5Vdc Positive Slope
No Connect
±10ppm min.
±1ppm per year max.
Toll Free 1-877-663-2667 / Fax: 949-753-5889
Specifications subject to change without notice
Revision: 9/20/02 B
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