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1/4-Inch, 1.3 Megapixel CMOS Image Sensor
DigitalClarityCMOS imaging technology
VDD power disable switch for reduced standby current
On-die phase lock loop (PLL)
Programmable I/O slew rate
2 x 2 pixel binning
Simple two-wire serial programming interface
ITU-R BT.656 (YCbCr), 565RGB, 555RGB, or 444RGB
formats (progressive scan)
System-on-chip (SOC)—a completely integrated
camera system
Ultra low-power, low-cost, progressive scan CMOS
image sensor
1.3-megapixel resolution (1,280H x 1,024V)
1/4-inch optical format
15 frames per second (fps) at full resolution
Superior low-light performance
On-die image flow processor performs sophisticated
processing: color recovery and correction, sharpening,
gamma, lens shading correction, and on-the-fly
defect correction
Mechanical shutter support
Filtered image downscaling to arbitrary size with
smooth, continuous zoom and pan
Getting the Picture…in Style
Mobile applications with small form factors are in
demand, and not surprisingly, customers are ex-
pecting to find more features in their new slimmer,
sleeker cell phones. They want to snap a photo at
the family picnic or capture a good time with friends
at a party. The 1/4-inch, 1.3-megapixel SOC image
sensor opens the door to slim designs that take
great pictures. Its specially engineered microlenses
produce high-quality images and enable low-profile
camera modules.
Focused on Design
The MT9M112 is a fully integrated system-on-chip
(SOC) sensor, incorporating additional logic on the
device that simplifies the camera module design, re-
lated manufacturing processes, system integration,
power management, and component count. It in-
corporates sophisticated camera functions on-chip
and is programmable through a simple two-wire se-
rial interface. This yields more space and makes the
sensor easier to design with. Additionally, this de-
vice enables mobile phone manufacturers to simply
upgrade their existing 1/4-inch VGA cameras to 1/4-
inch megapixel cameras, occupying the same height
and footprint.
Enhanced Capabilities
The device features 2 x 2 pixel binning, programma-
ble input/output slew rate, mechanical shutter sup-
port, and continuous, smooth zoom and pan, as well
as day and night mode configurations. It has three-
channel gamma correction, lens shading correction,
and color correction. The camera control sequencer
automates the camera’s flash and video clip snap-
shots. The device also has an on-board PLL and sup-
ports pixel binning as an enhanced form of image
size reduction.
You Get a Complete Solution
The MT9M112 is sure to improve your designs, as
will working with Micron. In addition to high-qual-
ity products, you’ll also get the added advantages
of doing business with a top-tier supplier: advanced
technology, worldwide facilities, technical exper-
tise, and sales support—a superior solution from an
industry leader.
Samples for this device are available now, and pro-
duction will commence in December of 2005. For
more information or to order the MT9M112, call
your Micron Imaging representative or visit Micron’s
Web site at

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