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TDA8763M/3/C4 View Datasheet(PDF) - Philips Electronics

Part NameTDA8763M/3/C4 Philips
Philips Electronics Philips
Description10-bit high-speed low-power ADC with internal reference regulator
TDA8763M/3/C4 Datasheet PDF : 24 Pages
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Philips Semiconductors
10-bit high-speed low-power ADC with
internal reference regulator
Product specification
3. In order to ensure the optimum linearity performance of such converter architecture the lower and upper extremities
of the converter reference resistor ladder (corresponding to output codes 0 and 1023 respectively) are connected to
pins VRB and VRT via offset resistors ROB and ROT as shown in Fig.3.
a) The current flowing into the resistor ladder is IL = R-----O---V-B---R-+---T--R-----L--V--+--R---R-B---O----T- and the full-scale input range at the converter,
to cover code 0 to code 1023, is VI = RL × IL = R-----O----B----+-----RR-----LL----+-----R----O----T- × (V RT VRB ) = 0˙.848 × (V RT VRB )
b) Since RL, ROB and ROT have similar behaviour with respect to process and temperature variation, the ratio
R-----O----B----+-----RR-----LL----+-----R----O----T- will be kept reasonably constant from device to device. Consequently variation of the output
codes at a given input voltage depends mainly on the difference VRT VRB and its variation with temperature and
supply voltage. When several ADCs are connected in parallel and fed with the same reference source, the
matching between each of them is then optimized.
4. EG = --(--V----1---0--2---3----V----V-i--(--0p--)-----p---)-V-----i--(--p-------p---) × 100
5. The analog bandwidth is defined as the maximum input sine wave frequency which can be applied to the device.
No glitches greater than 2 LSBs, neither any significant attenuation are observed in the reconstructed signal.
6. The analog input settling time is the minimum time required for the input signal to be stabilized after a sharp full-scale
input (square wave signal) in order to sample the signal and obtain correct output data.
7. Effective bits are obtained via a Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) treatment taking 8 K acquisition points per equivalent
fundamental period. The calculation takes into account all harmonics and noise up to half of the clock frequency
(NYQUIST frequency). Conversion to signal-to-noise ratio: SINAD = EB × 6.02 + 1.76 dB.
8. Intermodulation measured relative to either tone with analog input frequencies of 4.43 MHz and 4.53 MHz. The two
input signals have the same amplitude and the total amplitude of both signals provides full-scale to the converter.
9. Measurement carried out using video analyser VM700A, where the video analog signal is reconstructed through a
digital-to-analog converter.
10. Output data acquisition: the output data is available after the maximum delay time of td(max). For 50 MHz version it is
recommended to have the lowest possible output load.
1999 Jan 06
handbook, halfpage
code 1023
code 0
Fig.3 Explanation of note 3.
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The TDA8763AM and the TDA8763M are 10-bit Analog-to-Digital Converters. They can convert a typical analog input signal into 10 bits binary coded digital words at a maximum sampling rate of 50 Mega sample per second with a typical power dissipation of 175mW for the  TDA8763AMand 235mW for the TDA8763M.

The TDA8763AMand theTDA8763Mcode either binary or two’s complement digital words with 3V to 5V25 CMOS digital outputs. The  TDA8763Mcontains an internal reference voltage regulator ensuring the TOP and the BOTTOM reference voltages of the  quantization ladder.


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