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ML1XX23 Datasheet PDF : 3 Pages
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Requests Regarding Safety Designs
Mitsubishi Electric constantly strives to raise the level of its quality and reliability. Despite these concerted efforts,
however, there will be occasions when our semiconductor products suffer breakdowns, malfunctions or other problems.
In view of this reality, it is requested that every feasible precaution be taken in the pursuit of redundancy design,
malfunction prevention design and other safety-related designs, to prevent breakdowns or malfunctions in our products
from resulting in accidents involving people, fires, social losses or other problems, thereby upholding the highest levels
of safety in the products when in use by customers.
Matters of Importance when Using these Materials
1. These materials are designed as reference materials to ensure that all customers purchase Mitsubishi Electric
semiconductors best suited to their specific use applications. Please be aware, however, that the technical
information contained in these materials does not comprise consent for the execution or use of intellectual property
rights or other rights owned by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation.
2. Mitsubishi Electric does not assume responsibility for damages resulting from the use of product data, graphs, charts,
programs, algorithms or other applied circuit examples described in these materials, or for the infringement of the
rights of third-party owners resulting from such use.
3. The data, graphs, charts, programs, algorithms and all other information described in these materials were current at
the issue of these materials, with Mitsubishi Electric reserving the right to make any necessary updates or changes in
the products or specifications in these materials without prior notice. Before purchasing Mitsubishi Electric
semiconductor products, therefore, please obtain the latest available information from Mitsubishi Electric directly or an
authorized dealer.
4. Every possible effort has been made to ensure that the information described in these materials is fully accurate.
However, Mitsubishi Electric assumes no responsibility for damages resulting from inaccuracies occurring within
these materials.
5. When using the product data, technical contents indicated on the graphs, charts, programs or algorithms described
in these materials, assessments should not be limited to only the technical contents, programs and algorithm units.
Rather, it is requested that ample evaluations be made of each individual system as a whole, with the customer
assuming full responsibility for decisions on the propriety of application. Mitsubishi Electric does not accept
responsibility for the propriety of application.
6. The products described in these materials, with the exception of special mention concerning use and reliability, have
been designed and manufactured with the purpose of use in general electronic machinery. Accordingly these
products have not been designed and manufactured with the purpose of application in machinery or systems that will
be used under conditions that can affect human life, or in machinery or systems used in social infrastructure that
demand a particularly high degree of reliability. When considering the use of the products described in these
materials in transportation machinery (automobiles, trains, vessels), for objectives related to medical treatment,
aerospace, nuclear power control, submarine repeaters or systems or other specialized applications, please consult
with Mitsubishi Electric directly or an authorized dealer.
7. When considering use of products for purposes other than the specific applications described in these materials,
please inquire at Mitsubishi Electric or an authorized dealer.
8. The prior consent of Mitsubishi Electric in writing is required for any reprinting or reproduction of these materials.
9. Please direct any inquiries regarding further details of these materials, or any other comments or matters of attention,
to Mitsubishi Electric or an authorized dealer.
As of Nov. '04
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