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AM1 Datasheet PDF : 6 Pages
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High Dynamic Range Gain Block
The Communications Edge TM
Product Information
AM1-G (Green / Lead-free SOT-89 Package) Mechanical Information
This package is lead-free/Green/RoHS-compliant. It is compatible with both lead-free (maximum 260 qC reflow temperature) and leaded
(maximum 245 qC reflow temperature) soldering processes. The plating material on the leads is NiPdAu.
Outline Drawing
Land Pattern
Product Marking
The AM1-G will be marked with an “A1G”
designator. An alphanumeric lot code
(“XXXX-X” ) is also marked below the part
designator on the top surface of the package.
A “0 will be lasermarked in the upper right-
hand corner. The obsolete tin-lead package is
marked with an “A1” designator followed by
an alphanumeric lot code.
Tape and reel specifications for this part are
located on the website in the “Application
Notes” section.
MSL / ESD Rating
ESD Rating: Class 1B
Passes 500V to <1000V
Human Body Model (HBM)
Standard: JEDEC Standard JESD22-A114
ESD Rating: Class IV
Passes 1000V to <2000V
Charged Device Model (CDM)
Standard: JEDEC Standard JESD22-C101
MSL Rating: Level 3 at +260 ¤ C convection reflow
Standard: JEDEC Standard J-STD-020
Thermal Specifications
Operating Case Temperature -40 to +85 qC
MTTF vs. GND Tab Temperature
Mounting Config. Notes
1. Ground / thermal vias are critical for the proper
performance of this device. Vias should use a .35mm
(#80 / .0135” ) diameter drill and have a final plated
thru diameter of .25 mm (.010” ).
Thermal Resistance, Rth (1)
88 qC/W
Junction Temperature, Tj (2)
116 qC
2. Add as much copper as possible to inner and outer
layers near the part to ensure optimal thermal
1. The thermal resistance is referenced from the hottest
part of the junction to the ground tab (pin 4).
2. This corresponds to the typical biasing condition of
+5V, 78 mA at an 85 C ¤ case temperature. A
minimum MTTF of 1 million hours is achieved for
junction temperatures below 160 ¤ C.
3. Mounting screws can be added near the part to fasten
the board to a heatsink. Ensure that the ground /
thermal via region contacts the heatsink.
4. Do not put solder mask on the backside of the PC board
in the region where the board contacts the heatsink.
5. RF trace width depends upon the PC board material
and construction.
Tab Temperature (°C)
6. Use 1 oz. Copper minimum.
7. All dimensions are in millimeters (inches). Angles are
in degrees.
Specifications and information are subject to change without notice.
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