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ADC08161BIN 500 ns A/D Converter with S/H Function and 2.5V Bandgap Reference National-Semiconductor
National ->Texas Instruments National-Semiconductor
ADC08161BIN Datasheet PDF : 16 Pages
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June 1999
500 ns A/D Converter with S/H Function and
2.5V Bandgap Reference
General Description
Using a patented multi-step A/D conversion technique, the
8-bit ADC08161 CMOS A/D converter offers 500 ns conver-
sion time, internal sample-and-hold (S/H), a 2.5V bandgap
reference, and dissipates only 100 mW of power. The
ADC08161 performs an 8-bit conversion with a 2-bit voltage
estimator that generates the 2 MSBs and two low-resolution
(3-bit) flashes that generate the 6 LBSs.
Input signals are tracked and held by the input sampling
circuitry, eliminating the need for an external
sample-and-hold. The ADC08161 can perform accurate con-
versions of full-scale input signals at frequencies from DC to
typically more than 300 kHz (full power bandwidth) without
the need of an external sample-and-hold (S/H).
For ease of interface to microprocessors, this part has been
designed to appear as a memory location or I/O port without
the need for external interfacing logic.
Key Specifications
n Resolution
n Conversion time (tCONV)
n Full power bandwidth
n Throughput rate
n Power dissipation
n Total unadjusted error
8 Bits
560 ns max (WR-RD Mode)
300 kHz (typ)
1.5 MHz min
100 mW max
±12 LSB and ±1 LSB max
n No external clock required
n Analog input voltage range from GND to V+
n 2.5V bandgap reference
n Mobile telecommunications
n Hard-disk drives
n Instrumentation
n High-speed data acquisition systems
Block Diagram
© 2001 National Semiconductor Corporation DS011149
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