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NM24C04 View Datasheet(PDF) - Fairchild Semiconductor

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
NM24C04 4K-Bit Standard 2-Wire Bus Interface Serial EEPROM Fairchild
Fairchild Semiconductor Fairchild
NM24C04 Datasheet PDF : 14 Pages
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The NM24C04/05 device will always respond with an acknowl-
edge after recognition of a start condition and its slave address. If
both the device and a write operation have been selected, the
NM24C04/05 will respond with an acknowledge after the receipt
of each subsequent eight bit byte.
In the read mode the NM24C04/05 slave will transmit eight bits of
data, release the SDA line and monitor the line for an acknowl-
edge. If an acknowledge is detected, NM24C04/05 will continue
to transmit data. If an acknowledge is not detected,NM24C04/05
will terminate further data transmissions and await the stop
condition to return to the standby power mode.
Device Addressing
Following a start condition the master must output the address of
the slave it is accessing. The most significant four bits of the slave
address are those of the device type identifier. This is fixed as
1010 for all EEPROM devices.
Device Type
0 A2 A1 A0 R/W (LSB)
Block Address
Refer the following table for Slave Addresses string details:
Device A0 A1 A2 Page Page Block
Blocks Addresses
NM24C04/05 P A A
0, 1
A: Refers to a hardware configured Device Address pin.
P: Refers to an internal PAGE BLOCK.
All IIC EEPROMs use an internal protocol that defines a PAGE
BLOCK size of 2K bits (for Word addresses 0x00 through 0xFF).
Therefore, address bits A0, A1, or A2 (if designated 'P') are used
to access a PAGE BLOCK in conjunction with the Word address
used to access any individual data byte.
The last bit of the slave address defines whether a write or read
condition is requested by the master. A '1' indicates that a read
operation is to be executed, and a '0' initiates the write mode.
A simple review: After the NM24C04/05 recognizes the start
condition, the devices interfaced to the IIC bus wait for a slave
address to be transmitted over the SDA line. If the transmitted
slave address matches an address of one of the devices, the
designated slave pulls the line LOW with an acknowledge signal
and awaits further transmissions.
NM24C04/05 Rev. G
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