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HCPL-0370-500 View Datasheet(PDF) - HP => Agilent Technologies

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HCPL-0370-500 AC/DC to Logic Interface Optocouplers HP
HP => Agilent Technologies HP
HCPL-0370-500 Datasheet PDF : 13 Pages
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diodes to protect the buffer and
LED from a wide range of over-
voltage and over-current
transients. Because threshold
sensing is done prior to driving
the LED, variations in optical
coupling from the LED to the
detector will have no effect on the
threshold levels.
The HCPL-0370/3700's input
buffer IC has a nominal turn on
threshold of 2.5 mA (ITH +) and
3.7 volts (V +).
The buffer IC for the HCPL-3760
was redesigned to permit a lower
input current. The nominal turn
on threshold for the HCPL-3760
is 1.2 mA (ITH +) and 3.7 volts
(VTH +).
The high gain output stage
features an open collector output
providing both TTL compatible
saturation voltages and CMOS
compatible breakdown voltages.
By combining several unique
functions in a single package, the
user is provided with an ideal
component for industrial control
computer input boards and other
applications where a predeter-
mined input threshold level is
Ordering Information
Specify Part Number followed by Option Number (if desired)
No option = SO8 Package.
500 = Tape/Reel Package Option (1 K min.).
XXXE = Lead Free Option.
020 = 5000 V rms/1 minute UL Rating Option.
300 = Gull Wing Surface Mount Option.
500 = Tape/Reel Package Option (1 K min.).
XXXE = Lead Free Option.
Option data sheets available. Contact your Agilent sales representative or authorized distributor for information.
Remarks: The notation “#” is used for existing products, while (new) products launched since 15th July 2001 and lead free option will use “–”
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