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HCPL-0300-300 View Datasheet(PDF) - HP => Agilent Technologies

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HCPL-0300-300 8 MBd Low Input Current Optocoupler HP
HP => Agilent Technologies HP
HCPL-0300-300 Datasheet PDF : 12 Pages
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provides guaranteed minimum
common mode immunity of
100 V/µs while maintaining the
2:1 dynamic range of IF.
A recommended layout for use
with an internal 1000 resistor
or an external pull-up resistor
and required VCC bypass capaci-
tor is given in Figure 19. VCC1 is
used with an external pull-up
resistor for output voltage levels
(VO) greater than or equal to 5 V.
As illustrated in Figure 19, an
optional VCC and GND trace can
be located between the input
and the output leads of the
HCPL-2300/HCPL-0300 to
provide additional noise
immunity at the compromise of
insulation capability (VI-O).
Figure 12. Recommended Shunt Drive Circuit for Interfacing between TTL/LSTTL/CMOS Logic Systems.
Figure 13. Active CMOS Series Drive Circuit.
Figure 14. Series Drive from Open Collector TTL/LSTTL
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