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FX-102-DFF-A1F5 Ver la hoja de datos (PDF) - Vectron International

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FX-102-DFF-A1F5 Frequency Translator Vectron
Vectron International Vectron
FX-102-DFF-A1F5 Datasheet PDF : 12 Pages
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FX-102 Frequency Translator
Q: What are the different input frequencies that are available?
A: The FX-100 series is able to handle any input frequency between 8 kHz and 170 MHz.
(A list of standard frequencies is available on pages 9 & 10.)
Q: How many different input frequencies can a specific FX-102 accept?
A: Each FX-102 can be programmed to accept up to 4 different frequencies.
Q: If there is only one input pin, how can your unit accept 4 different frequencies?
A: The user is required to supply a multiplexer which would switch between the different input
frequencies.The multiplexers’ select pins would need to be sync’d to the select pins of the FX-102.
(See The Typical Application illustrated on page 6.)
Q: Can a single FX-102 handle an application for 4 input frequencies of 8 kHz, 19.44, 77.76 and 155.52 MHz
all being translated to 155.52 MHz, with the 155.52 MHz input being LvPECL and the others HCMOS?
A: Yes; since the FX-102 AC couples the input signal, this combination can be supported.
Q: What is the lock time for the FX-102?
A: The exact lock time will depend on the specific input frequency. It should be noted that in all cases
the lock time will be significantly less than 1 second.
Q: I asked for a FX-102-DFC-A2S6 with 19.44 and 155.52 MHz for the input frequencies and was given a
Source Control Drawing (SCD) number of FX-102-DFC-S5999. Why was a new number assigned?
A: Whenever there are multiple input frequencies, we need to assign a SCD for the unit so that we can
include a table indicating what the logic levels need to be on pins 12 and 13 to control the unit per
the correct input frequency.
Q: What are the exact jitter transfer specs that the FX-102 series meets?
A: The FX-102 meets the stringent jitter transfer specs in GR-253 for Category II jitter (Section
for all OC-n levels.
Q: My circuit card is already laid out for the FX-104, Is the FX-102 footprint compatible?
A: Yes;The FX-102 package is a drop in replacement for the FX-104 package. The only difference is in
the logic level for the Output Disable/Enable pin. They are opposite between the FX-102 and FX-104.
However letting pin 8 float will allow both units to be enabled.
Q: What type of noise on the supply line can the FX-102 suppress?
A: The FX-102 is designed to clean up noise on the Input Clock Signal, it is not designed to clean up
noisy power supplies. If excessive noise is present on the supply line it may degrade the output jitter
performance. Additional external filtering may be required. Please consult with your power supply
vendor on the best way to filter noise on your supply line.
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