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FX-102-DFF-D1F5 Ver la hoja de datos (PDF) - Vectron International

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FX-102-DFF-D1F5 Frequency Translator Vectron
Vectron International Vectron
FX-102-DFF-D1F5 Datasheet PDF : 12 Pages
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FX-102 Frequency Translator
Standard Shipping Method
The Standard ship method for volume production of the
FX-100 series is in a matrix tray. These trays are 100%
recyclable. The trays also offer the added feature that
they can be continuously feed into a pick-n-place
machine eliminating the down time required with tape-
Handling Precautions
Although protection circuitry has been designed into this
device, proper precautions should be taken to avoid expo-
sure to electrostatic discharge (ESD) during handling and
mounting. VI employs a human-body model (HBM) for
ESD-susceptibility testing and protection design evalua-
ESD voltage thresholds are dependent on the circuit para-
meters used to define the mode. The HBM ESD thresh-
old presented here was obtained by using parameters
where resistance = 1500 ohms, capacitance = 100pf)
Human Body (HBM)
ESD Threshold Voltage
V min
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