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Q0765R_08 View Datasheet(PDF) - Fairchild Semiconductor

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Q0765R_08 Green-Mode Fairchild Power Switch (FPS™) for Quasi-Resonant Operation - Low EMI and High Efficiency Fairchild
Fairchild Semiconductor Fairchild
Q0765R_08 Datasheet PDF : 22 Pages
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Pin Configuration
FSQ0765R Rev.00
6. Vstr
5. Sync
4. FB
3. VCC
2. GND
1. Drain
Figure 3. Pin Configuration (Top View)
Pin Definitions
Pin # Name
SenseFET drain. High-voltage power SenseFET drain connection.
Ground. This pin is the control ground and the SenseFET source.
Power Supply. This pin is the positive supply input. This pin provides internal operating cur-
rent for both start-up and steady-state operation.
Feedback. This pin is internally connected to the inverting input of the PWM comparator. The
collector of an opto-coupler is typically tied to this pin. For stable operation, a capacitor should
be placed between this pin and GND. If the voltage of this pin reaches 6V, the overload pro-
tection triggers, which shuts down the FPS.
Sync. This pin is internally connected to the sync-detect comparator for quasi-resonant switch-
ing. In normal quasi-resonant operation, the threshold of the sync comparator is 1.2V/1.0V.
Start-up. This pin is connected directly, or through a resistor, to the high-voltage DC link. At
start-up, the internal high-voltage current source supplies internal bias and charges the exter-
nal capacitor connected to the VCC pin. Once VCC reaches 12V, the internal current source is
disabled. It is not recommended to connect Vstr and Drain together.
© 2008 Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation
FSQ0565R, FSQ0765R Rev. 1.0.1
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