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CXP750097 View Datasheet(PDF) - Sony Semiconductor

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CXP750097 CMOS 8-bit Single Chip Microcomputer Sony
Sony Semiconductor Sony
CXP750097 Datasheet PDF : 25 Pages
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CMOS 8-bit Single Chip Microcomputer
The CXP750096/750010, CXP750097/750011 are the
CMOS 8-bit single chip microcomputer integrating on a
single chip an A/D converter, serial interface, timer/
counter, time-base timer, on-screen display function, I2C
bus interface, PWM output, remote control reception
circuit, HSYNC counter, watchdog timer, 32kHz timer/
counter besides the basic configurations of 8-bit CPU,
ROM, RAM, I/O ports.
The CXP750096/750010, CXP750097/750011 also
provide a sleep function that enables to lower the power
64 pin SDIP (Plastic)
64 pin QFP (Plastic)
52 pin SDIP (Plastic)
A wide instruction set (213 instructions) which covers
various types of data
– 16-bit operation/multiplication and division/
Boolean bit operation instructions
Minimum instruction cycle 167ns at 24MHz operation
122µs at 32kHz operation
Incorporated ROM 96K bytes (CXP750096/750097)
120K bytes (CXP750010/750011)
Incorporated RAM 2496 bytes
(Excludes VRAM for on-screen display)
Peripheral functions
– A/D converter
8-bit 6-channel successive approximation method
(Conversion time of 3.25µs at 16MHz)
Silicon gate CMOS IC
– Serial interface
8-bit clock sync type, 1 channel
– Timer
8-bit timer
8-bit timer/counter
19-bit time-base timer
32 kHz timer/counter
– On-screen display (OSD) function 24 × 32 dots, 512 character types,
15 character colors, 2 lines × 32 characters,
frame background 8 colors/ half blanking,
background on full screen 15 colors/ half blanking
edging/ shadowing/ rounding for every line,
background with shadow for every character, double scanning,
sprite OSD,
24 × 32 dots, 1 screen, 8 colors for every dot
– I2C bus interface
– PWM output
8 bits, 8 channels
14 bits, 1 channel
– Remote control reception circuit
8-bit pulse measurement counter, 6-stage FIFO
– HSYNC counter
2 channels
– Watchdog timer
13 factors, 13 vectors, multi-interruption possible
Standby mode
64-pin plastic SDIP/QFP, 52-pin plastic SDIP
CXP750000 64-pin ceramic PQFP/PSDIP (Supports custom font)
Perchase of Sony's I2C components conveys a licence under the Philips I2C Patent Rights to use these components
in an I2C system, provided that the system conforms to the I2C Standard Specifications as defined by Philips.
Sony reserves the right to change products and specifications without prior notice. This information does not convey any license by
any implication or otherwise under any patents or other right. Application circuits shown, if any, are typical examples illustrating the
operation of the devices. Sony cannot assume responsibility for any problems arising out of the use of these circuits.
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