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Token Electronics Industry Co., Ltd. TOKEN
CS01FPHQR010 Datasheet PDF : 8 Pages
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CS Current Detecting Chip Resistors
Surface Mount
Current Detecting
Chip Resistors
CS Surface Mount Current Detecting Resistors
Save Space and Weight
Token Electronics has launched the CS series, a family of ultra small low-value current-sense surface-mount
chip resistors. These smaller sizes save space on the circuit board, allowing the production of smaller and lighter
The new series complements Token’s existing LRC Series, offering metal resistive film on ceramic construction
but providing increased choice for product designers in the form of more smaller sizes options of 0201, 0402,
0603, 0805, 1206, 2010, 2512, 1225, 3720, and 7520.
Designed for current detecting in power electronic systems, the fully RoHS compliant CS series is suitable for a
range of applications including the monitoring of power usage and battery life; and provision of output protection
for power supplies; as well as for a range of consumer and automotive products such as satellite navigation,
handheld PDAs and digital set-top boxes.
The series offers ohmic values as low as 1mΩ to minimise power consumption and has an ambient temperature
range of -55°C to +155°C.
Exhibiting a resistance range up to 1Ω and excellent heat dissipation qualities, the series offers designers
enhanced power handling capabilities and protection from the threat of localised heating, resulting in the
production of a more energy efficient product.
As demand continues to grow for reduced size, handheld and portable devices operating at low voltages,
designers will look to manufacturers to produce smaller and smaller current sense resistors. Token expects that
demand for its latest range of small size resistors will be high.
Contact us with your specific needs.
- Low TCR ±50, ±100PPM/°C
- Resistance Values from 1mΩ to 1 Ω.
- 3W Power Rating in 1W size, 1225 Package.
- Long size Terminations with Higher Power Rating.
- High Purity Alumina Substrate for High Power Dissipation.
- Products with Pb-free Terminations Meet RoHS Requirments.
- Voltage Regulation Module (VRM).
- Portable Devices (PDA, Cell phone).
- Disk Driver, Switching Power Supply.
- Over Current Protection in Audio Application.
- DC-DC Converter, Battery Pack, Charger, Adaptor.
- Automotive Engine Control, Power Management Applications.
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