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B57153 NTC thermistors for inrush current limiting Epcos
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Inrush current limiters
When subjecting leads to mechanical stress, the following should be observed:
Tensile stress on leads
During mounting and operation tensile forces on the leads are to be avoided.
Bending of leads
Bending of the leads directly on the thermistor body is not permissible.
A lead may be bent at a minimum distance of twice the wire's diameter +2 mm from the solder
joint on the thermistor body. During bending the wire must be mechanically relieved at its outlet.
The bending radius should be at least 0.75 mm.
Twisting of leads
The twisting (torsion) by 180° of a lead bent by 90° is permissible at 6 mm from the bottom of the
thermistor body.
Sealing and potting
When thermistors are sealed, potted or overmolded, there must be no mechanical stress caused
by thermal expansion during the production process (curing / overmolding process) and during
later operation. The upper category temperature of the thermistor must not be exceeded. Ensure
that the materials used (sealing / potting compound and plastic material) are chemically neutral.
If cleaning is necessary, mild cleaning agents such as ethyl alcohol and cleaning gasoline are
recommended. Cleaning agents based on water are not allowed. Ultrasonic cleaning methods are
In order to maintain their solderability, thermistors must be stored in a non-corrosive atmosphere.
Humidity, temperature and container materials are critical factors.
The components should be left in the original packing. Touching the metallization of unsoldered
thermistors may change their soldering properties.
Storage temperature:
25 °C up to 45 °C
Max. relative humidity (without condensation):
<95%, maximum 30 days per annum
Solder the thermistors listed in this data book after shipment from EPCOS within the time speci-
Leaded components:
24 months
Please read Cautions and warnings and
Important notes at the end of this document.
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