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AM29LV160M View Datasheet(PDF) - Advanced Micro Devices

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
AM29LV160M 16 Megabit (2 M x 8-Bit/1 M x 16-Bit) MirrorBit? 3.0 Volt-only Boot Sector Flash Memory AMD
Advanced Micro Devices AMD
AM29LV160M Datasheet PDF : 63 Pages
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Data Sheet
The Secured Silicon Sector area can be protected using one of the following
„ Write the three-cycle Enter Secured Silicon Sector Region command se-
quence, and then follow the in-system sector protect algorithm as shown in
Figure 2, on page 17, except that RESET# may be at either VIH or VID. This
allows in-system protection of the Secured Silicon Sector without raising any
device pin to a high voltage. Note that this method is only applicable to the
Secured Silicon Sector.
„ To verify the protect/unprotect status of the Secured Silicon Sector, follow the
algorithm shown in Figure 3.
Once the Secured Silicon Sector is programmed, locked and verified, the system
must write the Exit Secured Silicon Sector Region command sequence to return
to reading and writing within the remainder of the array.
Factory Locked: Secured Silicon Sector Programmed and
Protected At the Factory
In devices with an ESN, the Secured Silicon Sector is protected when the device
is shipped from the factory. The Secured Silicon Sector cannot be modified in any
way. An ESN Factory Locked device has a 16-byte random ESN at addresses
0F8000h–0F8007h. Please contact your local sales office or representative for
details on ordering ESN Factory Locked devices.
Customers may opt to have their code programmed by the manufacturer
through the ExpressFlash service (Express Flash Factory Locked). The devices
are then shipped from the factory with the Secured Silicon Sector permanently
locked. Contact an sales office or representative for details on using the Ex-
pressFlash service.
Wait 1 ms
Write 60h to
any address
Write 40h to SecSi
Sector address
with A6 = 0,
A1 = 1, A0 = 0
Read from SecSi
Sector address
with A6 = 0,
A1 = 1, A0 = 0
If data = 00h,
SecSi Sector is
If data = 01h,
SecSi Sector is
Remove VIH or VID
from RESET#
Write reset
SecSi Sector
Protect Verify
Figure 3. Secured Silicon Sector Protect Verify
January 31, 2007 25974B5
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