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Asahi Kasei Microdevices AKM
AK4529 Datasheet PDF : 38 Pages
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High Performance Multi-channel Audio CODEC
The AK4529 is a single chip CODEC that includes two channels of ADC and eight channels of DAC. The
ADC outputs 24bit data and the DAC accepts up to 24bit input data. The ADC has the Enhanced Dual Bit
architecture with wide dynamic range. The DAC introduces the new developed Advanced Multi-Bit
architecture, and achieves wider dynamic range and lower outband noise. An auxiliary digital audio input
interface maybe used instead of the ADC for passing audio data to the primary audio output port. Control
may be set directly by pins or programmed through a separate serial interface.
The AK4529 has a dynamic range of 102dB for ADC, 106dB for DAC and is well suited for digital surround
for home theater and car audio. An AC-3 system can be built with a IEC60958(SPDIF) receiver such as
the AK4112A. The AK4529 is available in a small 44pin LQFP package which will reduce system space.
*AC-3 is a trademark of Dolby Laboratories.
o 2ch 24bit ADC
- 64x Oversampling
- Sampling Rate up to 96kHz
- Linear Phase Digital Anti-Alias Filter
- Single-Ended Input
- S/(N+D): 92dB
- Dynamic Range, S/N: 102dB
- Digital HPF for offset cancellation
- I/F format: MSB justified, I2S or TDM
- Overflow flag
o 8ch 24bit DAC
- 128x Oversampling
- Sampling Rate up to 96kHz
- 24bit 8 times Digital Filter
- Single-Ended Outputs
- On-chip Switched-Capacitor Filter
- S/(N+D): 90dB
- Dynamic Range, S/N: 106dB
- I/F format: MSB justified, LSB justified(20bit,24bit), I2S or TDM
- Individual channel digital volume with 256 levels and 0.5dB step
- Soft mute
- De-emphasis for 32kHz, 44.1kHz and 48kHz
- Zero Detect Function
o High Jitter Tolerance
o TTL Level Digital I/F
o 3-wire Serial and I2C Bus ┬ÁP I/F for mode setting
o Master clock:256fs, 384fs or 512fs for fs=32kHz to 48kHz
128fs, 192fs or 256fs for fs=64kHz to 96kHz
o Power Supply: 4.5 to 5.5V
o Power Supply for output buffer: 2.7 to 5.5V
o Small 44pin LQFP

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