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ADV7189BKSTZ Multiformat Progressive Scan/HDTV Encoder with Three 11-Bit DACs/ 10-Bit Data Input/ and Macrovision ADI
Analog Devices ADI
ADV7189BKSTZ Datasheet PDF : 104 Pages
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The ADV7189B is a high quality, single chip, multiformat video
decoder that automatically detects and converts PAL, NTSC,
and SECAM standards in the form of composite, S-Video, and
component video into a digital ITU-R BT.656 format.
The advanced and highly flexible digital output interface enables
performance video decoding and conversion in line-locked,
clock-based systems. This makes the device ideally suited for a
broad range of applications with diverse analog video charac-
teristics, including tape-based sources, broadcast sources,
security/ surveillance cameras, and professional systems.
The ADV7189B analog front end comprises three 12-bit noise
shaped video ADCs that digitize the analog video signal before
applying it to the standard definition processor. The analog front
end employs differential channels to each ADC to ensure high
performance in mixed-signal applications.
The front end also includes a 12-channel input mux that
enables multiple video signals to be applied to the ADV7189B.
Current and voltage clamps are positioned in front of each
ADC to ensure the video signal remains within the range of
the converter. Fine clamping of the video signals is performed
downstream by digital fine clamping within the ADV7189B.
The ADCs are configured to run in 4× oversampling mode.
The ADV7189B is capable of decoding a large selection of base-
band video signals in composite, S-Video, and component
formats. The video standards supported by the ADV7189B
include PAL B/D/I/G/H, PAL60, PAL M, PAL N, PAL Nc,
NTSC M/J, NTSC 4.43, and SECAM B/D/G/K/L. The ADV7189B
can automatically detect the video standard and process it
accordingly. The ADV7189B has a 5-line, super-adaptive, 2D
comb filter that gives superior chrominance and luminance
separation when decoding a composite video signal. This highly
adaptive filter automatically adjusts its processing mode
according to video standard and signal quality with no user
intervention required. Video user controls such as brightness,
contrast, saturation, and hue are also available within the
The ADV7189B implements a patented adaptive-digital-line-
length-tracking (ADLLT) algorithm to track varying video
line lengths from sources such as a VCR. ADLLT enables the
ADV7189B to track and decode poor quality video sources
such as VCRs, noisy sources from tuner outputs, VCD players,
and camcorders. The ADV7189B contains a chroma transient
improvement (CTI) processor that sharpens the edge rate of
chroma transitions, resulting in sharper vertical transitions.
The ADV7189B can process a variety of VBI data services,
such as closed captioning (CC), wide screen signaling (WSS),
copy generation management system (CGMS), EDTV, Gemstar
1×/2×, and extended data service (XDS). The ADV7189B
is fully Macrovision certified; detection circuitry enables
Type I, Type II, and Type III protection levels to be identified
and reported to the user. The decoder is also fully robust to all
Macrovision signal inputs.
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