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ADC08200CIMT 8-Bit, 20 Msps to 200 Msps, Low Power A/D Converter with Internal Sample-and-Hold National-Semiconductor
National ->Texas Instruments National-Semiconductor
ADC08200CIMT Datasheet PDF : 20 Pages
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January 7, 2008
8-Bit, 20 Msps to 200 Msps, Low Power A/D Converter with
Internal Sample-and-Hold
General Description
The ADC08200 is a low-power, 8-bit, monolithic analog-to-
digital converter with an on-chip track-and-hold circuit. Opti-
mized for low cost, low power, small size and ease of use, this
product operates at conversion rates up to 230 Msps while
consuming just 1.05 mW per MHz of clock frequency, or 210
mW at 200 Msps. Raising the PD pin puts the ADC08200 into
a Power Down mode where it consumes about 1 mW.
The unique architecture achieves 7.3 Effective Bits with
50 MHz input frequency. The ADC08200 is resistant to latch-
up and the outputs are short-circuit proof. The top and bottom
of the ADC08200's reference ladder are available for con-
nections, enabling a wide range of input possibilities. The
digital outputs are TTL/CMOS compatible with a separate
output power supply pin to support interfacing with 3V or 2.5V
logic. The digital inputs (CLK and PD) are TTL/CMOS com-
patible. The output data format is straight binary.
The ADC08200 is offered in a 24-lead plastic package
(TSSOP) and, while specified over the industrial temperature
range of −40°C to +85°C, it will function over the to −40°C to
+105°C temperature range. An evaluation board is available
to assist in the easy evaluation of the ADC08200.
Single-ended input
Internal sample-and-hold function
Low voltage (single +3V) operation
Small package
Power-down feature
Key Specifications
Maximum sampling frequency
ENOB (fIN= 50 MHz)
THD (fIN= 50 MHz)
Power Consumption
Power Down
8 Bits
200 Msps (min)
±0.4 LSB (typ)
7.3 bits (typ)
61 dB (typ)
1.05 mW/Msps (typ)
1 mW (typ)
Flat panel displays
Projection systems
Set-top boxes
Battery-powered instruments
Medical imaging
Pin Configuration
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