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ADC08200CIMT Просмотр технического описания (PDF) - National ->Texas Instruments

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ADC08200CIMT 8-Bit, 20 Msps to 200 Msps, Low Power A/D Converter with Internal Sample-and-Hold National-Semiconductor
National ->Texas Instruments National-Semiconductor
ADC08200CIMT Datasheet PDF : 20 Pages
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Attempting to drive a high capacitance digital data bus.
The more capacitance the output drivers must charge for
each conversion, the more instantaneous digital current is re-
quired from VDR and DR GND. These large charging current
spikes can couple into the analog section, degrading dynamic
performance. Buffering the digital data outputs (with a
74AF541, for example) may be necessary if the data bus ca-
pacitance exceeds 5 pF. Dynamic performance can also be
improved by adding 47to 56series resistors at each digital
output, reducing the energy coupled back into the converter
input pins.
Using an inadequate amplifier to drive the analog input.
As explained in Section 2.0, the capacitance seen at the input
alternates between 3 pF and 4 pF with the clock. This dynamic
capacitance is more difficult to drive than is a fixed capaci-
tance, and should be considered when choosing a driving
Driving the VRT pin or the VRB pin with devices that can
not source or sink the current required by the ladder. As
mentioned in Section 1.0, care should be taken to see that
any driving devices can source sufficient current into the
VRT pin and sink sufficient current from the VRB pin. If these
pins are not driven with devices than can handle the required
current, these reference pins will not be stable, resulting in a
reduction of dynamic performance.
Using a clock source with excessive jitter, using an ex-
cessively long clock signal trace, or having other signals
coupled to the clock signal trace. This will cause the sam-
pling interval to vary, causing excessive output noise and a
reduction in SNR performance. The use of simple gates with
RC timing is generally inadequate as a clock source.
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