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ADC08200CIMT Просмотр технического описания (PDF) - National ->Texas Instruments

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ADC08200CIMT 8-Bit, 20 Msps to 200 Msps, Low Power A/D Converter with Internal Sample-and-Hold National-Semiconductor
National ->Texas Instruments National-Semiconductor
ADC08200CIMT Datasheet PDF : 20 Pages
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FIGURE 4. The input amplifier should incorporate some gain for best performance (see text).
A/D converters draw sufficient transient current to corrupt
their own power supplies if not adequately bypassed. A
10 µF tantalum or aluminum electrolytic capacitor should be
placed within an inch (2.5 cm) of the A/D power pins, with a
0.1 µF ceramic chip capacitor placed within one centimeter of
the converter's power supply pins. Leadless chip capacitors
are preferred because they have low lead inductance.
While a single voltage source is recommended for the VA and
VDR supplies of the ADC08200, these supply pins should be
well isolated from each other to prevent any digital noise from
being coupled into the analog portions of the ADC. A choke
or 27resistor is recommended between these supply lines
with adequate bypass capacitors close to the supply pins.
As is the case with all high speed converters, the ADC08200
should be assumed to have little power supply rejection. None
of the supplies for the converter should be the supply that is
used for other digital circuitry in any system with a lot of digital
power being consumed. The ADC supplies should be the
same supply used for other analog circuitry.
No pin should ever have a voltage on it that is in excess of the
supply voltage or below ground by more than 300 mV, not
even on a transient basis. This can be a problem upon appli-
cation of power and power shut-down. Be sure that the sup-
plies to circuits driving any of the input pins, analog or digital,
do not come up any faster than does the voltage at the
ADC08200 power pins.
The ADC08200 has two digital input pins: The PD pin and the
Clock pin.
4.1 The PD Pin
The Power Down (PD) pin, when high, puts the ADC08200
into a low power mode where power consumption is reduced
to about 1.4 mW with the clock running, or to about 1 mW with
the clock held low. Output data is valid and accurate about 1
microsecond after the PD pin is brought low.
The digital output pins retain the last conversion output code
when either the clock is stopped or the PD pin is high.
4.2 The ADC08200 Clock
Although the ADC08200 is tested and its performance is
guaranteed with a 200 MHz clock, it typically will function well
with clock frequencies from 10 MHz to 230 MHz.
The low and high times of the clock signal can affect the per-
formance of any A/D Converter. Because achieving a precise
duty cycle is difficult, the ADC08200 is designed to maintain
performance over a range of duty cycles. While it is specified
and performance is guaranteed with a 50% clock duty cycle
and 200 Msps, ADC08200 performance is typically main-
tained with clock high and low times of 0.65 ns and 0.87 ns,
respectively, corresponding to a clock duty cycle range of
13% to 82.5% with a 200 MHz clock. Note that minimum low
and high times may not be simultaneously asserted.
The CLOCK line should be series terminated at the clock
source in the characteristic impedance of that line if the clock
line is longer than
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