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When such a high voltage as exceeds 10V beyond the fixed output voltage(Typ. value) of is applied to its output terminal,
IC may be destroyed. In this case, connect a zener diode between the output terminal and GND to prevent application of excessive voltage.
In particular, in such a current boosting circuit as shown in application circuit example(2), if input voltage is suddenly applied by stages
and furthermore load is light, excessive voltage may be applied transiently to the output terminal of IC. In such a case as this, it may
become necessary to increase capacity of output capacitor as appropriate, use a smaller R1(a resistor for bypassing IC bias current)
or gradually rise input voltage in addition to use of a zener diode as mentioned above.
Flat Package (SOT-89 Package)
Elements mounting styles of electronic devices are gaining in further diversification over recent years, and needs for components
are all the more expanding in varieties. Especially, surface mounting is steadily penetrating into industrial segments as a world-wide
popular technical trend. Although exposure to high temperature is inevitable during soldering we recommend limiting the soldering
temperature to low levels as shown in figure for the sake of retaining inherent excellent reliability.
60 sec.
Time (sec.)
Within 10 sec.
Within 30 sec.
Fig 6
(a) When employing solder reflow method
Atmospheric temperature around resin surfaces must be less than 240 , not exceeding the time length of 10 sec.
Recommend temperature profile
Precautions on heating method
When resin in kept exposed to high temperature for a long time, device reliability may be marred.
Therefore, it is essential to complete soldering in the shortest time possible to prevent temperature of resin from rising.
(b) When employing halogen lamps or infrared-ray heaters
When halogen lamps or infrared-ray heaters are used, avoid direct irradiation onto resin surfaces; such devices cause
extensive localized temperature rise.
Please keep a reflow solder operating when SOT-89 package's soldering.
2000. 9. 20
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