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7004-01-BB-P1-R1 View Datasheet(PDF) - Bourns, Inc

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
7004-01-BB-P1-R1 7004 Series - Network Interface Device Bourns
Bourns, Inc Bourns
7004-01-BB-P1-R1 Datasheet PDF : 2 Pages
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Expands to add POTS lines, DSL or both
Manufactured from high-impact resistant, ultraviolet desensitized, flame retardant,
UL Recognized plastic
Optional sealed switching jacks with Insulation Displacement Connectors (IDCs)
Subscriber lockable with Telco override
Convenient ground attachment
U® L Listed per UL 497 (File: E53117)
7004 Series - Network Interface Device
Bourns® Model 7004 NID provides a secure and weather-resistant enclosure for Telco service for residential or commercial
installations. The Model 7004 supplies station protection and test access points and can be configured for a maximum of four
POTS lines or three lines with DSL. The Model 7004 features convenient cable knockouts and generous working space for wire
How To Order
Model Number Designator
7004 - 0X - X X - XX - XX
Number of Twisted Pairs
1 = One
3 = Three
2 = Two
4 = Four
Station Protector Options
D1 =455HS-MSP (2377-45-HS) Voice/Data/DSL (UL,cUL)
Z1 = 455HS-BC* (2377-45-BC) Balance-Sensitive DSL (UL, cUL)
E2 = 155HS-MSP (2378-35-HS) Voice/DSL/Data (UL, cUL)
Y2 = 155HS-BC* (2378-35-BC) Balance-Sensitive DSL (UL, cUL)
B = 125EW (2374-01) Dual Gas Tube (UL, cUL, Telcordia)
C = 125EW-R (2375-01) Dual Gas Tube (UL, cUL, RUS)
L = 356M (2377-01) Balanced Gas Tube (UL, cUL, RUS)
M = J130S (2380-27-01) Solid State Protector (UL, cUL)
T = Tii355M
O = No Station Protectors (Not available with DSL configurations)
*For DSL systems requiring capacitive balance within 1 pF.
Note 1 = Digi.Guard - 356 size, RUS Maximum Duty.
Note 2 = Digi.Guard II - 125 size, RUS Heavy Duty.
Special Options
H = Security Screw in security plate
S = Sealed Switching Jack w/IDC (85122-T-IDC)
F = Sealed Switching Jack 4-Post (85122-T4)
B = Expansion Bridge w/Binding Posts (85122-B)
I = Expansion Bridge w/IDC (85122-IDC)
O = No options (standard 85122 jack)
DSL Options
A1 = One 3610A ADSL POTS Splitter
V1 = One 3630A VDSL POTS Splitter
A2 = Two 3610A ADSL POTS Splitters V2 = Two 3630A VDSL POTS Splitters
P1 = One 3610A2 ADSL 2+ POTS Splitter
P2 = Two 3610A2 ADSL 2+ POTS Splitters
DSL Configuration Note:
The 3610A, 3610A2 and 3630A must be ordered with option D, Z, E or Y
Station Protectors.
7004 NIDs ordered with DSL units will include Special Option F (4-post sealed
switching jacks). Example: 7004-01-DF-P1
DSL Equalization
R1 = One 3660 Equalization Module
To add lines, use station protector +
Standard Jack (Not available with DSL configurations)
85122-T4 Sealed Switching Jack, 4-post
85122-T-IDC Sealed Switching Jack w/IDC
Reliable Electronic Solutions
TEL +886- (0)2 25624117
FAX +886- (0)2 25624116
TEL +41-41 7685555
FAX +41-41 7685510
The Americas:
TEL +1-951 781-5500
FAX +1-951 781-5700
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Customers should verify actual device performance in their specific applications.
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