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Part Name
MTU Onsite Energy Corporation MTU
60-JS6DT3 Datasheet PDF : 4 Pages
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2 / //  / 60-JS6DT3
//  Engine
Air Cleaner
Oil Pump
Full Flow Oil Filter
Jacket Water Pump
Closed Crankcase Vent
Exhaust Manifold – Dry
Blower Fan & Fan Drive
Radiator - Unit Mounted
Electric Starting Motor - 12V
Governor – Electric Isochronous
Base - Formed Steel
SAE Flywheel & Bell Housing
Charging Alternator - 12V
Battery Box & Cables
Flexible Fuel Connectors
Flexible Exhaust Connection
EPA Certified Engine
//  Generator
NEMA MG1, IEEE and ANSI standards compliance for temperature rise
and motor starting
Sustained short circuit current of up to 300% of the rated current for up
to 10 seconds
Self-Ventilated and Drip-Proof
Superior Voltage Waveform
Digital, Solid State, Volts-per-Hertz Regulator
No Load to Full Load Regulation
Brushless Alternator with Brushless Pilot Exciter
4 Pole, Rotating Field
130°C Standby Temperature Rise
1 Bearing, Sealed
Full Amortisseur Windings
125% Rotor Balancing
3-Phase Voltage Sensing
±1% Voltage Regulation
100% of Rated Load - One Step
3% Maximum Harmonic Content
//  Digital Control Panel(s)
Digital Metering
Engine Parameters
Generator Protection Functions
Engine Protection
SAE J1939 Engine ECU Communications
Windows-Based Software
Multilingual Capability
Remote Communications to our RDP-110 Remote Annunciator
16 Programmable Contact Inputs
7 Contact Outputs
UL Recognized,
, CE Approved
Event Recording
IP 54 Front Panel Rating with Integrated Gasket
NFPA110 Level Compatible
//  Additional Features
Oil Drain Extension & S/O Valve
Flexible Fuel Connector
Battery Cables
Vibration Isolation Pads
Jacket Water Heater: -20° F
Mainline Circuit Breaker
UL2200 Listed
Steel Sub-Base
Radiator Duct Flange (OPU)
Lube Oil & Antifreeze
Operator’s and Owner’s Manual
2 Year/3000 Hour Warranty
Factory Tested at 0.8 PF (3 PH)
//  Optional Features
Battery Charger: 6 Amp or 10 Amp
Battery: 12 Volt w/ Rack
Circuit Breaker: Standard or 100%
Muffler (OPU only)
Sub-Base Fuel Tank w/ Electrical Stub-Up Area
Weatherproof Enclosure
Sound Attenuation
- 1 1/2” Foam
- Sound Scoops
Remote Annunciator
Isochronous Governor

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