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54AC175 View Datasheet(PDF) - National ->Texas Instruments

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54AC175 Quad D Flip-Flop National-Semiconductor
National ->Texas Instruments National-Semiconductor
54AC175 Datasheet PDF : 9 Pages
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August 1998
54AC175 54ACT175
Quad D Flip-Flop
General Description
The ’AC/’ACT175 is a high-speed quad D flip-flop. The de-
vice is useful for general flip-flop requirements where clock
and clear inputs are common. The information on the D in-
puts is stored during the LOW-to-HIGH clock transition. Both
true and complemented outputs of each flip-flop are pro-
vided. A Master Reset input resets all flip-flops, independent
of the Clock or D inputs, when LOW.
n Buffered positive edge-triggered clock
n Asynchronous common reset
n True and complement output
n Outputs source/sink 24 mA
n ’ACT175 has TTL-compatible inputs
n Standard Microcircuit Drawing (SMD)
— ’AC175: 5962-89552
— ’ACT175: 5962-89693
n Edge-triggered D-type inputs
Logic Symbols
Connection Diagrams
Pin Assignment
for DIP and Flatpak
Pin Assignment for LCC
Pin Names
D0– D3
Q0– Q3
Q0– Q3
Data Inputs
Clock Pulse Input
Master Reset Input
True Outputs
Complement Outputs
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© 1998 National Semiconductor Corporation DS100278
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