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NM27C010N120 View Datasheet(PDF) - National ->Texas Instruments

Part NameNM27C010N120 National-Semiconductor
National ->Texas Instruments National-Semiconductor
Description1,048,576-Bit (128K x 8) High Performance CMOS EPROM
NM27C010N120 Datasheet PDF : 12 Pages
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Capacitance TA e a25 C f e 1 MHz (Note 2)
Conditions Typ Max Units
Input Capacitance
VIN e 0V
Output Capacitance VOUT e 0V
AC Test Conditions
Output Load
Input Rise and Fall Times
Input Pulse Levels
1 TTL Gate and
CL e 100 pF (Note 8)
s5 ns
0 45V to 2 4V
AC Waveforms (Notes 6 7 9)
Timing Measurement Reference Level
0 8V and 2V
0 8V and 2V
TL D 10798 – 4
Note 1 Stresses above those listed under ‘‘Absolute Maximum Ratings’’ may cause permanent damage to the device This is a stress rating only and functional
operation of the device at these or any other conditions above those indicated in the operational sections of this specification is not implied Exposure to absolute
maximum rating conditions for extended periods may affect device reliability
Note 2 This parameter is only sampled and is not 100% tested
Note 3 OE may be delayed up to tACC b tOE after the falling edge of CE without impacting tACC
Note 4 The tDF and tCF compare level is determined as follows
High to TRI-STATE the measured VOH1 (DC) b 0 10V
Low to TRI-STATE the measured VOL1 (DC) a 0 10V
Note 5 TRI-STATE may be attained using OE or CE
Note 6 The power switching characteristics of EPROMs require careful device decoupling It is recommended that at least a 0 1 mF ceramic capacitor be used on
every device between VCC and GND
Note 7 The outputs must be restricted to VCC a 1 0V to avoid latch-up and device damage
Note 8 1 TTL Gate IOL e 1 6 mA IOH e b400 mA
CL 100 pF includes fixture capacitance
Note 9 VPP may be connected to VCC except during programming
Note 10 Inputs and outputs can undershoot to b2 0V for 20 ns Max
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General Description
The NM27C010 is a high performance, 1,048,576-bit Electrically Programmable UV Erasable Read Only Memory. It is organized as 128K-words of 8 bits each. Its pin-compatibility with byte-wide JEDEC EPROMs enables upgrades through 8 Mbit EPROMs. The ‘‘Don’t Care’’ feature during read operations allows memory expansions from 1M to 8M bits with no printed circuit board changes.
The NM27C010 can directly replace lower density 28-pin EPROMs by adding an A16 address line and VCC jumper. During the normal read operation PGM and VPP are in a ‘‘Don’t Care’’ state which allows higher order addresses, such as A17, A18, and A19 to be connected without affecting the normal read operation. This allows memory upgrades to 8M bits without hardware changes. The NM27C010 is also offered in a 32-pin plastic DIP with the same upgrade path.
The NM27C010 provides microprocessor-based systems extensive storage capacity for large portions of operating system and application software. Its 90 ns access time provides no-wait-state operation with high-performance CPUs. The NM27C010 offers a single chip solution for the code storage requirements of 100% firmware-based equipment. Frequently-used software routines are quickly executed from EPROM storage, greatly enhancing system utility.
The NM27C010 is manufactured using National’s advanced CMOS AMGTM EPROM technology.
The NM27C010 is one member of a high density EPROM Family which range in densities up to 4 Megabit.

■ High performance CMOS
   - 90 ns access time
■ Fast turn-off for microprocessor compatibility
■ Simplified upgrade path
   - VPP and PGM are ‘‘Don’t Care’’ during normal read operation
■ Manufacturers identification code
■ Fast programming
■ JEDEC standard pin configurations
   - 32-pin DIP package
   - 32-pin PLCC package
   - 32-pin TSOP package

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