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2-1393302-2 Просмотр технического описания (PDF) - Tyco Electronics

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2-1393302-2 Plug-in relays Mini ISO relays MACOM
Tyco Electronics Macom
2-1393302-2 Datasheet PDF : 0 Pages
Plug-in relays
Mini ISO relays
Power relay F4
Catalog 1308028
Issued 01-05
Coil data
Available for nominal voltages
Nominal power consumption of the unsuppressed coil at nominal voltage
Nominal power consumption at nominal voltage with suppression resistor
Test voltage winding/contact
Ambient temperature range
Operate time at nominal voltage
Release time at nominal voltage1)
12, 24 V
1.6 W
1.8/2.1 W (standard/high performance 24 V)
500 VACrms
40 to + 125 °C
Typ. 7 ms
Typ. 2 ms
1) For unsuppressed relay coil
A low resistive suppression device in parallel to the relay coil increases the release time and reduces
the lifetime caused by increased erosion and/or higher risk of contact tack welding.
Operating voltage range
Does not take into account
the temperature rise due to
the contact current
E = pre-energization
Ambient temperature vs. coil
voltage for continuous duty
Battery voltage
0 A Contact Load
8 A Contact Load
16 A Contact Load
24 A Contact Load
32 A Contact Load
40 A Contact Load
95 100 105 110 115 120 125 130 135 140
Applied Coil Voltage (% of Nominal Voltage)
145 150
Mechanical data
Cover retention
Axial force
Pull force
Push force
Pull force
Push force
Resistance to bending, force applied to front
Resistance to bending, force applied to side
Dust cover
Shrouded dust cover
Weatherproof cover
150 N (33.8 lbs)
200 N (45 lbs)
200 N (45 lbs)
100 N (22.5 lbs)
100 N (22.5 lbs)
10 N (2.25 lbs)1)
10 N (2.25 lbs)1)
0.3 Nm
Protects relay from dust. For use in passenger compartment or enclosures
Protects relay and relay connector (order separately) from dust and splash
Mates with a connector (order separately) to seal relay from salt spray etc.
Recommended for under hood application
1) Values apply 2 mm from the end of the terminal. When the force is removed, the terminal must not have moved by more than 0.3 mm.
Please observe the disclaimer.
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