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8-215464-6 View Datasheet(PDF) - Tyco Electronics

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8-215464-6 Ribbon Cable Interconnect Solutions MACOM
Tyco Electronics MACOM
8-215464-6 Datasheet PDF : 100 Pages
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Ribbon Cable Interconnect Solutions
Novo Connectors
Product Facts
I .100 x .100 [2.54 x 2.54]
mating grid for .050 [1.27]
pitch ribbon cable
I Tuning fork contact offers a
military approved design, at
an economical cost
I Polarization options include
military, center and military,
and dual bar
I Choice of duplex gold plating
on contact mating area
I Insulation displacement
contacts for fast, economical
mass terminations
I Contact design provides
uniform latching of contacts
and housing with connector
I Housing, cover and strain
relief made of UL 94V-0
rated thermoplastic material
I Selected 10 thru 64-position
configurations available
I Accepts wire size range
28-26 AWG [0.08-0.15 mm2],
solid or stranded
I Snap-on strain relief and
choice of pull loops
I One-step termination with
Novo tooling
I Recognized under the
Component Program
of the Underwriters
Laboratories, Inc. R
UL File No. E28476
I Certified by the
Canadian Standards
File No. LR 7189
Novo receptacles offer a
dual contact interface with
all normal force created by
metal-to-metal contact. This
provides a higher degree of
contact reliability.
Novo receptacles feature
two rows of contacts on
.100 x .100 [2.54 x 2.54]
centerlines in select sizes
from 10 to 64 positions.
Contacts mate with .0252
[0.642] or round posts with
.245 [6.22] max. and .175
[4.45] min. lengths. The
Novo tuning fork contact
offers a military-approved
design, and at a lower cost.
Contacts are made of
phosphor bronze and
are available in a choice
of duplex .000015 [0.00038]
or .000030 [0.00076] gold
in the mating area, and
.000100 [0.00254] tin in the
termination area, with the
entire contact underplated
with .000050 [0.00127]
Housings are made of
UL 94V-0 thermoplastic
material and feature military,
military and center, and
dual bar polarization.
Optional accessories
include a snap-on strain
relief and pull loops.
Novo receptacles can be
terminated to .050 [1.27]
pitch ribbon cable by a
wide variety of one-step
application tooling.
Assemblies are packaged
in tubes for ease of handling,
protection and termination.
Catalog 82012
Revised 4-12
Dimensions are shown for
reference purposes only.
Specifications subject
to change.
Dimensions are in inches
and millimeters unless
otherwise specified.
USA: +1 (800) 522-6752
Canada: +1 (905) 475-6222
Mexico/C. Am.: +52 (0) 55-1106-0800
Latin/S. Am.: +54 (0) 11-4733-2200
Germany: +49 (0) 6251-133-1999
UK: +44 (0) 800-267666
France: +33 (0) 1-3420-8686
Netherlands: +31 (0) 73-6246-999
China: +86 (0) 400-820-6015
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