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8-215464-6 View Datasheet(PDF) - Tyco Electronics

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8-215464-6 Ribbon Cable Interconnect Solutions MACOM
Tyco Electronics MACOM
8-215464-6 Datasheet PDF : 100 Pages
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Ribbon Cable Interconnect Solutions
Micro-MaTch Miniature Connector System — Specials
SMC Connector Part Number 100411
This connector type enables a solderless application to the
printed circuit board. Contact is made on the surface of the
PCB, enabling the use of paperphenol and epoxy boards
with both drilled and punched holes. This connector is suit-
able for both Wire-to-Board as Board-to-Board connections.
Because this connector is mounted on the solder side, the
components of both PCB’s in a parallel Board-to-Board
application, will be in the same direction. By this, the stack-
ing of two or more PCB’s is possible. Application tooling
available on request.
Mates with: X-215464-X
Locking Latch Part Numbers 338068/338069/338070
For Wire-to-Board applications this feature provides an
audible click during mating. This feature is available for the
standard Micro-MaTch female connectors. Cross reference
is made by base part number x-338068-x instead of
x-215079-x, x-338069-x instead of x-188275-x and
x-338070-x instead of x-215460-x (standard large reel
packaging only).
Mates with: X-338095-X
In-board SMD Part Number 188431
This connector is only tooled in 20 position (9-188431-0)
and packaged in embossed tape according to EIA481
standards. The connectors are equipped with a feature for
vacuum Pick & Placement. It enables the mounting of a
PCB with the solder side direct behind e.g. a display. It is
also possible to obtain a parallel BTB application with an
extreme low PCB distance of 4.2 mm.
Mates with: X-338095-X
Male SMD Part Number 338728
This connector enables the possibility to have a full SMD
to SMD Board-to-Board application. It mates with all
Micro-MaTch female connectors, and will be packaged
according EIA 481 standard. Consult TE for more information.
Mates with:
Catalog 82012
Revised 4-12
Dimensions are shown for
reference purposes only.
Specifications subject
to change.
Dimensions are in inches
and millimeters unless
otherwise specified.
USA: +1 (800) 522-6752
Canada: +1 (905) 475-6222
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Latin/S. Am.: +54 (0) 11-4733-2200
Germany: +49 (0) 6251-133-1999
UK: +44 (0) 800-267666
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