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J172 Datasheet PDF : 7 Pages
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When using this document, keep the following in mind:
1. This document may, wholly or partially, be subject to change without notice.
2. All rights are reserved: No one is permitted to reproduce or duplicate, in any form, the whole or part of
this document without Hitachi’s permission.
3. Hitachi will not be held responsible for any damage to the user that may result from accidents or any
other reasons during operation of the user’s unit according to this document.
4. Circuitry and other examples described herein are meant merely to indicate the characteristics and
performance of Hitachi’s semiconductor products. Hitachi assumes no responsibility for any intellectual
property claims or other problems that may result from applications based on the examples described
5. No license is granted by implication or otherwise under any patents or other rights of any third party or
Hitachi, Ltd.
6. MEDICAL APPLICATIONS: Hitachi’s products are not authorized for use in MEDICAL
APPLICATIONS without the written consent of the appropriate officer of Hitachi’s sales company.
Such use includes, but is not limited to, use in life support systems. Buyers of Hitachi’s products are
requested to notify the relevant Hitachi sales offices when planning to use the products in MEDICAL
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For further information write to:
Hitachi America, Ltd.
Hitachi Europe GmbH
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Electronic Components Group
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Hitachi Europe Ltd.
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