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0-1393824-4 Просмотр технического описания (PDF) - Tyco Electronics

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0-1393824-4 Cradle Relay Accessories and Mounting MACOM
Tyco Electronics Macom
0-1393824-4 Datasheet PDF : 0 Pages
Cradle Relay Accessories and Mounting
Mounting hole layout for cradle relays and sockets with hand solder terminals
Dimension drawing (in mm)
with hold-down spring for cradle relays N, S and P
Size I
Size II
Size III
*) This hole is omitted when the mounting hole layout is intended for the socket.
Fixing of the socket
AM 2.5 x ... DIN 84
(Screw length = Dimension a + 3.5 mmm
2.7 DIN 433
BM 2.5 DIN 439
Earth spring
Direct mounting of relays without socket requires a fixing nut M2.5 DIN 934-m6AU.
Ordering code: D00934-A0025-S001
Page 6 (9)
108-98016 Rev. B
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