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U1602A View Datasheet(PDF) - HP => Agilent Technologies

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U1602A Handheld Digital Oscilloscopes HP
HP => Agilent Technologies HP
U1602A Datasheet PDF : 11 Pages
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FFT (U1604A/U1604B only) and
Dual Waveform Math functions
for waveform analysis
Besides of the standard Dual
Waveform Math (DWM) function in
U1600 Series, the U1604A/U1604B
model is equipped with a FFT (Fast
Fourier Transform) function. This
function allows you to view the
waveform in a frequency domain
using four windowing techniques
(Rectangular, Hanning, Hamming,
Black-Harris). Use the DWM function
to perform math functions for signal
addition and subtraction from multiple
Easy, straightforward
The U1600 Series expands the
oscilloscope’s capability with the PC
Link application software that caters
for data collection, storage and
documentation needs from instrument
via USB 2.0 full-speed connection. This
PC Link application software is
available for you to control the
instrument remotely from a PC,
retrieve your waveform and print it
using a connected printer. Connect a
USB flash drive via the USB host port
to store your waveform and
configuration setup. This feature is
available as an option (option 001) to
Figure 3 The U1600 Series comes equipped with DWM features, allowing you to
perform spectrum analyses and evaluate signal additions and subtractions from
multiple channels.
Screen Capture
DSO Controller
Waveform Data
DMM Data
Built-in multi-lingual Quick
Help menu provides instant
Need assistance while operating the
instrument? The built-in multi-lingual
Quick Help menu helps to minimize
downtime in the event that you
need help to set up scope and DMM
functions. The supported languages
include English, German, Italian,
Spanish, Portuguese, French, Korean,
Traditional Chinese, Simplified
Chinese, and Japanese.
Figure 4 PC Link application software is available to enable data collection, storage
and documentation needs via USB full-speed remote control from PC.
Save and recall waveform and Log data for any DMM
setup memories capability
Up to 10 waveforms and configuration
setups can be stored in the instrument
and recalled at any time for future use
and reference.
The sophisticated logger mode
allows you to record and consolidate
a sequence of data points for data
plotting purposes.
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