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1-100707-01 View Datasheet(PDF) - Sensitron

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
1-100707-01 Humidity and Temperature Sensor SENSITRON
1-100707-01 Datasheet PDF : 12 Pages
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Datasheet SHT21
If sensors are qualified for reliability and behavior in
extreme conditions, please make sure that they
experience same conditions as the reference sensor. It
should be taken into account that response times in
assemblies may be longer, hence enough dwell time for
the measurement shall be granted. For detailed
information please consult Application Note “Qualification
8 Packaging
8.1 Packaging Type
SHT2x sensors are provided in DFN packaging (in
analogy with QFN packaging). DFN stands for Dual Flat
No leads.
The sensor chip is mounted to a lead frame made of Cu
and plated with Ni/Pd/Au. Chip and lead frame are over
molded by green epoxy-based mold compound. Please
note that side walls of sensors are diced and hence lead
frame at diced edge is not covered with respective
protective coating. The total weight of the sensor is 25mg.
8.2 Filter Cap and Sockets
For SHT2x a filter cap SF2 will be provided. It is designed
for fast response times and compact size. Please find the
datasheet on Sensirion’s web page by February 2010.
For testing of SHT2x sensors sockets, such as from
Plastronics, part number 10LQ50S13030 are
recommended (see e.g.
8.3 Traceability Information
All SHT2x are laser marked with an alphanumeric, five-
digit code on the sensor – see Figure 17.
The marking on the sensor consists of two lines with five
digits each. The first line denotes the sensor type
(SHT21). The first digit of the second line defines the
output mode (D = digital, Sensibus and I2C, P = PWM, S =
SDM). The second digit defines the manufacturing year (0
= 2010, 1 = 2011, etc.). The last three digits represent an
alphanumeric tracking code. That code can be decoded by
Sensirion only and allows for tracking on batch level
through production, calibration and testing – and will be
provided upon justified request.
Figure 17 Laser marking on SHT21. For details see text.
Reels are also labeled, as displayed in Figure 18 and
Figure 19, and give additional traceability information.
Lot No.:
Lot No.
Figure 18: First label on reel: XX = Sensor Type (21 for SHT21),
O = Output mode (D = Digital, P = PWM, S = SDM), NN = Chip
Version, Y = last digit of year, RRRR = number of sensors on
reel, TTTT = Traceability Code.
Device Type: 1-100PPP-NN
Humidity & Temperature Sensor
Part Order No. 1-100PPP-NN or Customer Number
Date of Delivery: DD.MM.YYYY
Order Code: 45CCCC / 0
Figure 19: Second label on reel: For Device Type and Part
Order Number (See Packaging Information on page 2), Delivery
Date (also Date Code) is date of packaging of sensors (DD =
day, MM = month, YYYY = year), CCCC = Sensirion order
8.4 Shipping Package
SHT2x are provided in tape & reel shipment packaging,
sealed into antistatic ESD bags. Standard packaging sizes
are 400, 1500 and 5000 units per reel. For SHT21, each
reel contains 440mm (55 pockets) header tape and
200mm (25 pockets) trailer tape.
The drawing of the packaging tapes with sensor
orientation is shown in Figure 20. The reels are provided in
sealed antistatic bags.
Ø0.15 MIN
Ø0.15 MIN
R0.3 MAX
Figure 20 Sketch of packaging tape and sensor orientation.
Header tape is to the right and trailer tape to the left on this
Version 1.0 – January 2010
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