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B39122-B1605-U810 View Datasheet(PDF) - EPCOS AG

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B39122-B1605-U810 SAW Components Low-Loss Filter for Digital Television Epcos
B39122-B1605-U810 Datasheet PDF : 6 Pages
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SAW Components
Low-Loss Filter for Digital Television
Data Sheet
1220,0 MHz
Published by EPCOS AG
Surface Acoustic Wave Components Division, SAW CE MM PD
P.O. Box 80 17 09, 81617 Munich, GERMANY
© EPCOS AG 2003. Reproduction, publication and dissemination of this brochure and the informa-
tion contained therein without EPCOS’ prior express consent is prohibited.
Purchase orders are subject to the General Conditions for the Supply of Products and Services of
the Electrical and Electronics Industry recommended by the ZVEI (German Electrical and Electronic
Manufacturers’ Association), unless otherwise agreed.
This brochure replaces the previous edition.
For questions on technology, prices and delivery please contact the Sales Offices of EPCOS AG or
the international Representatives.
Due to technical requirements components may contain dangerous substances. For information on
the type in question please also contact one of our Sales Offices.
6 Aug 19, 2003
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