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7405-J15-Z3 View Datasheet(PDF) - C and K Components

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7405-J15-Z3 Miniature Rocker & Lever Handle Switches CK-COMPONENTS
C and K Components CK-COMPONENTS
7405-J15-Z3 Datasheet PDF : 22 Pages
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7000 Series
Miniature Rocker & Lever Handle Switches
Multi-pole and multi-position
Wide variety of actuator and
termination options
Epoxy terminal-seal compatible
with bottom wash cleaning
RoHS compliant
Typical Applications
Medical equipment
CONTACT RATING: B contact material: 0.4 VA max. @ 20 V AC or
DC max. Q contact material: 5 AMPS @ 120 V AC or 28 V DC;
2 AMPS @ 250 V AC. See page G-21 for additional ratings.
ELECTRICAL LIFE: 7X01 and UX1 models: 100,000 make-and-break
cycles at full load. All other models: 40,000 cycles.
CONTACT RESISTANCE: Below 10 m typ. initial @ 2-4
V DC, 100 mA, for both silver and gold plated contacts.
DIELECTRIC STRENGTH: 1000 Vrms min. @ sea level.
SOLDERABILITY: Per MIL-STD-202F method 208D, or
EIA RS-186E method 9 (1 hour steam aging).
NOTE: Any models supplied with S, P, R, Q, B or G contact material are RoHS compliant.
NOTE: Specifications and materials listed above are for switches with standard options.
For information on specific and custom switches, consult Customer Service Center.
CASE: Glass filled nylon 6/6, flame retardant, heat stabilized, or
diallyl phthalate (DAP) (UL 94V-0).
ACTUATOR: Nylon, black.
FRAME (FRONT MOUNT): Nylon, black.
FRAME (REAR MOUNT): Spring steel, black.
BUSHING: Brass or zinc, nickel plated.
HOUSING: Stainless steel.
SWITCH SUPPORT: Brass or steel, matte-tin plated.
END CONTACTS: B contact material: Copper alloy, with gold plate over
nickel plate. Q contact material: Coin silver, silver plated. See page
G-21 for additional contact materials.
CENTER CONTACTS & ALL TERMINALS: B contact material: Copper
alloy, with gold plate over nickel plate. Q contact material: Copper
alloy, silver plated. See page G-21 for additional contact materials.
TERMINAL SEAL: Epoxy. Refer to Soldering and Cleaning in Technical
Data Section
HARDWARE: Mounting nuts & screws: Brass. Lockwasher: Stainless
steel. Standoff: Nylon standard.
To order, simply select desired option from each category and place in the appropriate box. Available options are shown and
described on pages G-5 through G-25 . For additional options not shown in catalog, consult Customer Service Center. All models
have epoxy terminal seal and are compatible with all “bottom-wash” PCB cleaning methods.
Switch Function
7101 SP On-None-On
7103 SP On-Off-On
7105 SP Mom.-Off-Mom.
7107 SP On-Off-Mom.
7108 SP On-None-Mom.
7109 SP None-On-Mom.
7201 DP On-None-On
7203 DP On-Off-On
7205 DP Mom.-Off-Mom.
7207 DP On-Off-Mom.
7208 DP On-None-Mom.
7211 DP On-On-On
7213 DP On-On-Mom.
7215 DP Mom.-On-Mom.
7301 3P On-None-On
7303 3P On-Off-On
7401 4P On-None-On
7405 4P Mom.-Off-Mom.
7411 4P On-On-On
Note: UL models
available, see pages H-5
and H-6.
J1 .531 long rocker
J2 Lever
A Right angle, PC thru-hole
J3 .906" long rocker
AV2 Vertical right angle, PC thru-hole
J8 .699" long rocker
C PC Thru-hole
J10 1.318" long rocker
Z Solder lug
J11 Rocker with frame
A3 Right angle, snap-in, PC thru-hole
J15 Rocker, snap-in
AV3 Vertical right angle,
J16 Rocker with frame, snap-in
snap-in, PC thru-hole
J19 Rocker with frame
AW3 Right angle, extended, PC thru-hole
J21 Lever with frame
V2 .555" high, V-bracket
J25 Lever, snap-in
V3 .460" high, V-bracket
J26 Lever with frame, snap-in V4 .630" high, V-bracket
J37 Rocker with frame
V5 Vertical right angle, PC thru-hole
J50 Rocker
V6 .460" high, V-bracket
J51 Rocker with frame
V7 .630" high, V-bracket
J52 Rocker with frame for
V8 .953" high, V-bracket
LED, snap-in
V9 1.150" high, V-bracket
J60 Lever
V31 .460" high, V-bracket, snap-in
J61 Lever with frame, snap-in V51 Vertical right angle, snap-in
J62 Lever with frame for
V61 .460" high, V-bracket, snap-in
LED, snap-in
W .750" long, wire wrap
J90 Lever
W3 .425" long, wire wrap
J91 Lever with frame, snap-in W5 1.305" long,wire wrap
Z3 Quick connect
Contact Material
B Gold
P Gold, matte tin
Q Silver
S Silver, matte-tin
G Gold over silver
R Gold over silver, matte-tin
E Epoxy
I Epoxy potted base
Actuator Color
2 Black
1 White
3 Red
Frame Color
2 Black
NONE No frame color required
1 White
Metal Frame Color
(J11, J19, J21 &
J37 Actuators)
2 Black
1 White
Dimensions are shown: Inches (mm)
Specifications and dimensions subject to change
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