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N04Q1612C2BT2-70C View Datasheet(PDF) - Unspecified

Part Name
N04Q1612C2BT2-70C Datasheet PDF : 13 Pages
NanoAmp Solutions, Inc.
Ordering Information
N04Q16 XX C2B X - XX X
Advance Information
Temperature C = 0oC - 70oC
I = -40oC - 85oC
70 = 70ns
15 = 150ns
Package Type
T = 44-pin TSOP II
T2 = 44-pin TSOP II Green (RoHS Compliant)
B = 48-ball BGA
B2 = 48-ball BGA Green (RoHS Compliant)
W = Wafer (KGD)
Operating Voltage
12 = 1.2V
18 = 1.8V
25 = 2.5V
30 = 3.0V
Q = Low Power SRAM with VccQ for dual rail operation
Revision History
October 2005
February 2006
Change Description
Initial Advanced Release
Raised maximum Vcc to 3.6V for 3V device
Added green packages
Changed dual rail to ‘Q’ part designator
© 2005-2006 Nanoamp Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved.
NanoAmp Solutions, Inc. ("NanoAmp") reserves the right to change or modify the information contained in this data sheet and the products described therein, without prior notice.
NanoAmp does not convey any license under its patent rights nor the rights of others. Charts, drawings and schedules contained in this data sheet are provided for illustration pur-
poses only and they vary depending upon specific applications.
NanoAmp makes no warranty or guarantee regarding suitability of these products for any particular purpose, nor does NanoAmp assume any liability arising out of the application
or use of any product or circuit described herein. NanoAmp does not authorize use of its products as critical components in any application in which the failure of the NanoAmp
product may be expected to result in significant injury or death, including life support systems and critical medical instruments.
Stock No. 23451-B 2/06
The specification is ADVANCE INFORMATION and subject to change without notice.

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