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7-1415538-8 View Datasheet(PDF) - TE Connectivity

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7-1415538-8 General Purpose Low Power PCB Relays Te
TE Connectivity Te
7-1415538-8 Datasheet PDF : 4 Pages
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General Purpose
Low Power PCB Relays
Power PCB Relay RT2 DC and AC (for global markets) (Continued)
Insulation Data
Initial dielectric strength
between open contacts
between contact and coil
between adjacent contacts
between contact and coil
between adjacent contacts
Material group of insulation parts
Tracking index of relay base
reflow version
PTI 250V
PTI 175V
Other Data
Material compliance: EU RoHS/ELV, China RoHS, REACH, Halogen content
refer to the Product Compliance Support Center at
Resistance to heat and fire
WG version or reflow version according EN60335, par30
Ambient temperature
DC coil
-40 to 85°C
AC coil
-40 to 70°C
AgSnO2 contacts
-40 to 70°C
Category of environmental protection, IEC 61810
standard version
RTII - flux proof, RTIII - wash tight
reflow version
RTII - flux proof
Vibration resistance (functional),
form A/form B contact, 30 to 300Hz
Shock resistance (destructive)
Other Data (continued)
Terminal type
PCB-THT, plug-in
reflow version
Mounting distance, AC coil
Weight 13g
Resistance to soldering heat THT, IEC 60068-2-20
Resistance to soldering heat THR
reflow soldering (for reflow version) forced gas convection 4) or
vapour phase 5)
temperature profile
according EN61730
Packaging/unit tube/20pcs., box/500pcs.
4) infrared heating not allowed.
5) recommended fluid LS/230.
For details see datasheet
Accessories Industrial Power Relay RT
NOTE: indicated contact ratings and electrical endurance data for direct
wiring of relays (according IEC 61810-1); for relays mounted on sockets
deratings may apply.
THT version
THR version (reflow solderable)
PCB layout / terminal assignment
Bottom view on solder pins
Process conditions for Reflow soldering
according to EN61760-1
*) With the recommended PCB hole sizes a grid
pattern from 2.5​mm to 2.54m​ m can be used.
2 form C (CO) contacts
2 form A (NO) contacts
10-2014, Rev. 1014
© 2014 Tyco Electronics Corporation,
a TE Connectivity Ltd. company.
Catalog and product specification according
to IEC 61810-1 and to be used only together
with the ‘Definitions’ section.
Catalog and product data is subject to the
terms of the disclaimer and all chapters of
the ‘Definitions’ section, available at
Catalog product data, ‘Definitions’ section,
application notes and all specifications are
subject to change.
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