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LP339N View Datasheet(PDF) - National ->Texas Instruments

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LP339N Ultra-Low Power Quad Comparator National-Semiconductor
National ->Texas Instruments National-Semiconductor
LP339N Datasheet PDF : 11 Pages
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Electrical Characteristics (Continued)
Note 9: Positive excursions of input voltage may exceed the power supply level. As long as the other voltage remains within the common-mode range, the compara-
tor will provide a proper output state. The low input voltage state must not be less than −0.3 VDC (or 0.3 VDC below the magnitude of the negative power supply, if
used) at TA=25˚C.
Note 10: At output switch point, VO=1.4V, RS=0with V+ from 5 VDC; and over the full input common-mode range (0 VDC to V+−1.5 VDC).
Note 11: For input signals that exceed V+, only the overdriven comparator is affected. With a 5V supply, VIN should be limited to 25V maximum, and a limiting resistor
should be used on all inputs that might exceed the positive supply.
Note 12: The output sink current is a function of the output voltage. The LP339 has a bi-modal output section which allows it to sink large currents via a Darlington
connection at output voltages greater than approximately 1.5 VDC and sink lower currents below this point. (See typical characteristics section and applications sec-
Typical Performance Characteristics
Supply Current
Input Current
Output Sink Current
Output Sink Current
Response Times for
Various Input
Overdrives —
Negative Transition
Response Times for
Various Input
Overdrives —
Positive Transition
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