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Q-67101-H5237 View Datasheet(PDF) - Micronas

Part NameQ-67101-H5237 Micronas
Micronas Micronas
DescriptionPRIMUS Powerful Scan Rate Converter including ultistandard Color Decoder
Q-67101-H5237 Datasheet PDF : 154 Pages
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SDA 9402/02S(A31)
Preliminary Data Sheet 02.2001
• Integrated Video Matrix switch
– Up to seven CVBS inputs, up to two Y/C inputs,
– Up to three CVBS outputs (even when Y/C input)
– 9 bit amplitude resolution for CVBS, Y/C A/D converter
– AGC (Automatic Gain Control)
• Multi-standard color decoder
– PAL/NTSC/SECAM including all substandards
– Automatic recognition of chroma standard
– Only one crystal necessary for all standards
• RGB-FBL or YUV-H-V input
– 8 bit amplitude resolution for RGB or YUV
– 8 bit amplitude resolution for FBL or H
• ITU656 support
– ITU656 input (9402)
– ITU656 input or output (9402S, pin sharing)
• Noise reduction
– Motion adaptive temporal noise reduction
– Field-based temporal noise reduction for luminance and chrominance
– Different motion detectors for luminance and chrominance or identical
– Flexible programming of the temporal noise reduction parameters
– Automatic measurement of the noise level
• Horizontal scaling of the 1fH signal
– Split-screen possible with additional PiP or Text processor
Flexible digital horizontal scaling of the 2fH signal
– Scaling factors: 3, ... [2 pixel resolution], ..., 0.75 including 16:9 compatibility
– 5 zone panorama generator
• Embedded memory
– On-chip memory controller
– Embedded DRAM core for field memory
– SRAM for PAL/SECAM delay line
• Data format 4:2:2
• Flexible clock and synchronization concept
– Horizontal line-locked or free-running mode
– Vertical locked or free-running mode
• Scan-rate-conversion
– Simple interlaced modes (100/120 Hz): AABB, AAAA, BBBB (9402 only)
– No scan-rate-conversion modes (50/60 Hz): AB, AA, BB (9402S only)
• Flexible output sync controller
– Flexible positioning of the output signal
– Flexible programming of the output sync raster
– ’Blank signal’ generation
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General Description
The SDA 9402 (PRIMUS) is a new component of the Micronas MEGAVISION® IC set in a copper CMOS embedded DRAM technology. The SDA 9402 comprises all main functions of a digital featurebox in one monolithic IC. The amount of features is limited in favour of a low-cost solution. But no trade-off has been made concerning picture quality. It is ideally suited to work in conjunction with the ’enhanced digital deflection processor’ SDA 9380. The package is pin upward compatible to other medium-range and high end devices of the SDA940X family. A 50/60Hz derivative is also available (SDA9402S).

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