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UA2-6SNU View Datasheet(PDF) - NEC => Renesas Technology

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NEC => Renesas Technology NEC
UA2-6SNU Datasheet PDF : 15 Pages
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Contact Form
2 Form C
Contact Material
Maximum Switching Power
Contact Ratings
Maximum Switching Voltage
Maximum Switching Current
Maximum Carrying Current
Minimum Contact Ratings
Initial Contact Resistance
Operate Time (Excluding bounce)
Silver alloy with gold alloy overlay
30 W, 37.5 VA
220 VDC, 250 VAC
10 m VDC, 10µA *1
100 m max. (initial)
Approx. 2 ms
Release Time (Excluding bounce)
Approx. 1 ms
Insulation Resistance
Withstanding Voltage
Shock Resistance
Between open
Between adjacent
Between coil and
1000 Mat 500 VDC
1000 VAC (for one minute) 1500 V surge (10x160 µs *2)
1000 VAC (for one minute) 1500 V surge (10x160 µs *2)
1500 VAC (for one minute) , 2500 V surge (2x10 µs *3)
735 m/s2 (75G) (misoperation)
980 m/s2 (100G) (destructive failure)
Vibration Resistance
10 to 55 Hz, double amplitude 3 mm(20G) (misoperation)
10 to 55 Hz, double amplitude 5 mm(30G) (destructive failure)
Ambient Temperature
-40 to +85 °C
Coil Temperature Rise
Running Specifications
18 °C at nominal coil voltage (140mW)
5x107 operations (Non-latch type) *4
1x107 operations (latch type)
30 VDC 1A (resistive), 1x105 operations at 20°C,1Hz
125 VAC 0.3A (resistive), 1x105 operations at 20°C,1Hz
Approx. 1 g
* 1 This value is a reference value in the resistance load.
Minimum capacity changes depending on switching frequency and environment temperature and the load.
* 2 rise time: 10 µs, decay time to half crest: 160 µs
* 3 rise time: 2 µs, decay time to half crest: 10 µs
* 4 This shows the number of operations with fatal defects. Stable characteristics are maintained for 1×10 7 operations.
●All specifications in this catalog and production status of products are subject to change without notice. Prior to the purchase, please contact NEC TOKIN for updated product data.
●Please request for a specification sheet for detailed product data prior to the purchase.
●Before using the product in this catalog, please read "Precautions" and other safety precautions listed in the printed version catalog.
2007.08.03 P0892EMDD03VOL03E
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